Lung Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

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Lung Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Lung Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Lung cancer ribbon tattoos are a very emotional statement. They can be done in a permanent ink or temporary dyes. The later type can be removed in a day or week. Some are semi-permanent and last a couple of months.

Lung Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

You can find these lung cancer ribbon tattoos on arms, shoulders, legs even on necks. They come in all sizes and shapes. Sometimes, people will even add words to the ribbon such as the names of family members with the disease. Or if its them that has the cancer they will put survivor to let people know.

Lung Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Lung cancer ribbon tattoos are clear but others are not. There are many cancers that wear these ribbons and each has their own special significance. Here is a brief list but by no means the only ones:

* Lung Cancer – Clear
* Breast Cancer – Pink
* Ovarian Cancer – Teal
* Pancreatic Cancer – Purple
* Leukemia – Orange
* Melanoma – Black
* Kidney – Kelly Green
* Brain Disorders _ Silver
* Brain Cancer – Grey
* Prostate Cancer – Light Blue
* Childhood Cancer – Gold
* Multiple Myeloma – Burgundy
* Colon Cancer – Royal Blue
* General Cancers -Lavender

Lung cancer ribbon tattoos can be a very effective tool to get the message out. Become more aware of this disease. So many people have some variety of these illnesses and they are all connected by their shared trauma. Everyone needs to unit in supporting the quiet suffering of these brave souls. Research can produce great strides in curing this disease. But for now, show support by adding either an actual ribbon or a lung cancer ribbon tattoo to your arm. Sometimes people work the ribbon into another pattern such as a dove or flower. They also add hearts or dates.
Here are added colors that you might see out in the world and what they mean. Although we are speaking of lung cancer ribbon tattoos right now the other ribbons also mean a lot.

* Esophageal Cancer – Periwinkle
* Lymphoma Cancer – Lime green
* Organ and Tissue Cancers – Green
* Bladder – Yellow
* Cervical Cancer – Teal/White
* Uterine Cancer – Peach
* Lelomysarcoma – Dark Purple
* Sarcoma Cancer – Light Yellow
* Aids/Hiv – Red
* Liver Cancer – Emerald Green

Reach out to the survivors that are wearing the lung cancer ribbon tattoos and any of the other ribbons mentioned above. Be supportive because they have fought a courageous battle and won. No one lives forever but these brave souls are fighting every day for life. That is what these ribbons mean. The life of each one may be measured in hours or days but each one is special. And each tattoo of the ribbons is special for what it means.
Many people do not pay attention to this until it hits their family. When a loved one is struggling to survive it becomes real. These lung cancer ribbon tattoos make a huge difference in the moral of struggling survivors. Reach out to them and let them know that they matter. Because they all matter.

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