Lung Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Pictures

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Lung cancer ribbons

Lung Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Pictures

Cancer sucks. The words “You have cancer” are world-shattering. When someone we love receives the diagnosis, it’s scary and confusing and sad. Sometimes, we’re lucky—the long fight, a lot of faith, and help from medicine bring our loved one home, healthy and happy, to live a long and fruitful life. Sometimes, though, we lose those close to us to the deadly disease.

Lung cancer ribbon tattoos pictures

Whether the hard-fought battle is won or lost, many people choose to find ways to personally recognize the struggle they, or the love one, have faced. There are many ways to do this, and a popular route is a tattoo. It’s a permanent reminder of the trials and tribulations that we face together as friends and family, and the ways to honor the fight are infinite. Commonly, survivors will use cancer ribbons to honor their experience. Breast cancer ribbons are pink, colon cancer blue, and lung cancer is honored by a gray ribbon.

It’s important to work with a trusted and reputable tattoo artist when getting any tattoo, to ensure safety and quality. There are many creative ways to take a simple lung cancer ribbon tattoos pictures and turn it into a piece of art. Maybe the ribbon is made of something else. Maybe there’s a quote that can be attached to really personalize the artwork. It’s helpful to look at other examples, find lung cancer ribbon tattoos pictures and get inspired. Find ways to make it original and personal; link it to your loved one.

When getting a tattoo, placement is important. Some want the artwork to be prevalent on their body and visible or all to see. Others want it more subtle, maybe even hidden, to continue the very personal experience. It’s important to ensure that when getting a tattoo, all considerations of visibility are taken into account – is having a visible tattoo a deal breaker at a job? Finding pictures of cancer inspired tattoos will be a great way to find ideas for placement, and find ways to compromise prominence and personality. If the ink is visible at all times, be prepared to answer questions about it. It’s a great opportunity to tell the story of the person affected by the illness, and to honor them time and time again. However, if the wounds of fight and loss are still fresh, it may be beneficial to wait until they’ve healed just a little.

Using the previous example, lung cancer ribbon tattoos pictures can show creative ways to honor both personal battles with the disease, as well as those fought by cherished loved ones. While the ribbon is gray in this specific illness, it might be more impressive to add more color, or other designs. Add words, add anything personal that helps to remind that the battle was hard-fought and, whether won or lost, was important. Lung cancer ribbon tattoos pictures are a permanent reminder of the ups and downs of the illness, and a great way to honor friends and family affected by the disease. Wearing lung cancer ribbon tattoos pictures can also be courageous for that reason.

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