Make Your Own Custom Removable Tattoos

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Tattoos Temporary Design And Crystal Style

Make Your Own Custom Removable Tattoos

If you prefer having a removable tattoo or temporary tattoo, you can create your own Custom Removable Tattoos. If treated properly, removable tattoos or temporary tattoos are usually last for two weeks. It means that you have to avoid using cleansing products on your inked skin like soap or lotion. Removable tattoo is inexpensive yet the design is as great as permanent tattoos. You can just choose one of the designs you like that are available in the tattoo shop. The only disadvantage of the designs the tattoo shop provide is that they are beautiful but has not many variations; you may not find one that quite unique to be your personal tattoo. At this point, you may need to make your own Custom Removable Tattoos.

By creating your own Custom Removable Tattoos, you are able to get a tattoo that you like and have a deep meaning for you in personal. Besides, creating custom temporary tattoos are much more inexpensive, you will only need your creativity. If you cannot draw them by yourself, then you may able to ask your friend who have an artistic talent to draw it. Get ideas of what tattoo design you will get through the internet. There are countless ideas of tattoo designs you can choose from. You can also try to combine several tattoo ideas and create a new tattoo design that is more personal.

 There Are Countless Ideas Of Tattoo Designs You Can Choose From

Besides making your own Custom Removable Tattoos design, you can also try to ‘inkyour body with simple tools you can find around your home. For making temporary tattoo, you will need a marker pen with a small tip and also a regular marker – choose a marker that is water resistant so the ink will not gone when you are sweating. These markers will be used to make a tattoo pattern on your body. Next thing you will need is a tracing paper, tattoo ink, and body lotion. If possible, find a friend to help you with creating your temporary tattoo so the result is much better and neat.

If You Want To Have a Simple Yet Great Tattoo Design

To make your own Custom Removable Tattoos, the first thing you will have to do is find a tattoo design you like from the internet. For example, if you want to have a simple yet great tattoo design, try to type  a keyword ‘tribal’ in search engine box. Choose a smaller design for start. When you find one that you really like, then print it out and copy the design to your tracing paper using a small tip pen. Use the softer side of tracing paper so that the image can stick to your body later. Get your body lotion and apply to the skin area where you are going to place your tattoo. This will help the picture to stay better on your skin. Place the tracing paper on the tattoo area and rub it so the image will stick to your skin. Remove the paper and then fill the image with tattoo ink. Let it dry thoroughly before you get your Custom Removable Tattoos done.

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