Marriage Tattoo Ideas

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Wedding Tattoo Ideas

Marriage Tattoo Ideas

Marriage Tattoo IdeasMany people perceive marriage tattoo too much, especially with the high divorce rate lately. There have been many examples of actors and actress that should eliminate their  tattoo with the name of their spouse because of a breakup. Actress Angelina Jolie has been renamed as her first husband Billy Bob with the coordinates of the place of birth of their children.

But for lovers of tattoo, write the name, face and other signs of love to serve as a tattoo is a form of madness itself. Symbol of love and commitment seems to be more important than worrying about whether a relationship will be lasting or not. If you’re looking for marriage tattoo ideas, tattoo styles and bored with the general marriage tattoo style then try to see marriage tattoo from celebrity below.

Portrait Marriage Tattoo Ideas

Again and again, David Beckham does not only have good looks but  also he has body which like a blackboard or bulletin board. Every time David opened his shirt after the match ball, we started to put up eyes and think, “What’s next” or “What’s new”. As a proof of love to his wife Victoria Beckham, David has a pin-up girl image similar to Victoria on his left sleeves. In return, Victoria has David Beckham initial ‘DB ‘tattooed on her left wrist. Dean McDermot, husband of Beverly Hills old actress Tory Spelling has a tattoo of Tory Spelling portrait face on his right arm as well as he has the words “Truly Madly Deeply Tori” as a declaration of love to his wife.  Actor Sylvester Stallone is not only a loving husband as he has her colorful wife portrait tattooed on his arms but also underneath the portrait you can see three roses symbolizes his three daughters.

Name And Initials Marriage Tattoo Ideas

Talk show host Kelly Ripa has the last name of her husband in the form of letter script on her left wrist. Actress Melanie Griffith feels like she needs to reward her loyal young husband Antonio Bandreas with a love tattoo symbols with “Antonio “in it. It is such a romantic tattoo. Beautiful actress Megan Fox has also proved her love to her husband “Brian” on her lower hips area. Keith Urban used to have his ex flings initials and changed it to his wife name “Nicole”.

It seems like there  a lot of marriage tattoo ideas that can be used as an example or  information for your marriage tattoo. Maybe the example of marriage tattoo ideas above sound too serious, and you doubt if you ever have to break up or divorce with your partner. To avoid this, you should select the simple tattoo style and easy to be covered later on.

Actually,  placement of marriage tattoo is not less important to the design of the tattoo marriage itself. For example, the location of which is commonly used for weddings or commitment tattoo is finger area or hands such as sleeves, wrist, inner biceps and arms area. Ring finger as the wedding ring is often used to carve the tattoo marriage. Additionally placement of marriage tattoo on wrist can be  important because it represents the pulse area of ​​life where marriage is expected to last a lifetime.

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