Matching Sibling Tattoos

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Matching Sibling Tattoos

Matching Sibling Tattoos
Siblings have unique bonds with each other. If you are fortunate enough to have a little sister or brother or if you are an older sibling and you have been considering getting a tattoo, you should consider matching sibling tattoos! A sibling tattoo is quite unique and it is a creative way to show the world your love for each other. There is not another relationship within families that are like those of siblings. You can extend this bond with your brother or sister in a totally unique way by getting matching tattoos!

In our world today, tattoos seem to be more popular. Their placement on the body is totally up to the individual who desires the tattoo. For example two sisters could get feminine sister tattoos, having them placed on the outside of their calf. Another common body location that siblings can get matching sibling tattoos would be on their wrists or the upper portion of their back. You could choose tattoos that are totally out of the ordinary or just choose a simple design. If you both enjoy a particular poem, a philosophical quote, a song or bible verse, it could also be a great tattoo. If you do a little research on tattoos, you will see that you can have a design created out of a photo.

The possibility of the types of designs that you can think of are endless. You could get tattoos that state the city that you both grew up in or have a design made from a photo of the home you lived in as children. Common interests that you shared can also work as matching sibling tattoos. No matter how silly you think your interest is, think how delighted you will feel each time you look at your tattoo. If there is a particular musical band that you both loved, you could have matching sibling tattoos created out of this idea. If there is a certain kiddie breakfast cereal that you both adored as kids, have the cereal name tattooed on your arm so each time you glance at it, you will be reminded of all those fun morning breakfasts that you spent with your sibling.

Sisters and brothers often share jokes they kept just between themselves. Why not celebrate this joke with a symbolic tattoo? Did you have a pet name for your big brother that only he knew? You could have this pet name tattooed inside a sweet little flower or heart. Another creative idea would be to have tattoos created of famous sisters such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen or the Kardashian sisters to represent three sisters. The matching sibling tattoos could also represent a fictional brother and sister such as Hansel and Gretel. When you have made your decision, be sure to choose a good tattoo artist who can handle your design. If possible try to obtain one or two references of the artist you are considering. You and your sibling(s) should go together to get your tattoos so be sure it is a shared experience.

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