Matching Tattoos for Brother and Sister

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Matching Tattoos For Mother And Daughter Quotes Matching Tattoos

Getting matching tattoos for brothers and sisters is a great way to have a permanent reminder of the sibling bond. In deciding where you want the tattoos, think about if you want others to see them, or have them in a more private location. Should brother and sister get them in the same spot, or different places? Picking the location for matching tattoos for brother and sister is the first step in the process. The next step is choosing what you want your tattoo to be. Some people choose a design representative of their family name. Matching tattoos for brother and sister could be their last name spelled across their body, the national flag for their homeland or familial heritage, or another design of their choosing that represents their family best. Some common matching tattoos for brother and sister include each individual’s zodiac sign, their sibling’s birthday, a favorite childhood cartoon character, or favorite animal. Another popular design is a quote or saying that has meaning for both siblings, or a favorite artist the two share.

Matching Tattoos for Brother and Sister

Matching tattoos for brother and sister are a great idea for expressing the shared bond between siblings. Some get half of a design or quote on one person and the other half on the other person. Putting their body parts next to each other makes the design complete. Often times siblings cannot agree on a location for the tattoo, so they end up getting it on different body parts. Sometimes one is on the shoulder while the other is on the arm, or back, or leg. Celtic crosses, national flags, rosaries or prayer beads, and angels, are commonly tattooed on siblings. Meaningful matching tattoos for brother and sister are the most common, with the tattoo itself representing something with deeper purpose, like a memorial to their parents or grandparents or other loved ones. Sometimes the tattoo itself is representative of a shared experience that bonded the two, like a vacation or travel experience, or perhaps a troubled time that brought the two closer.

Whatever The Chosen Subject For A Tattoo

Sometimes the perfecting matching tattoo cannot be found, so people get a matching themed tattoo. For example, the brother may get a large sun tattoo while the sister gets a large moon tattoo, or both siblings get their favorite bird, animal, or planet, or other similar theme. Occasionally siblings get the same subject for a tattoo but the style of the tattoo itself is different. For example, one may want a crow to be realistic looking, while one gets a crow that is more cartoonish, or one wants a Native American theme while the other wants something more abstract. Whatever the chosen subject for a tattoo, having one match with another person is a very close and intimate shared experience. Matching tattoos are a great way for brother and sister to show how close they are, or how proud they are of their family, heritage and shared experiences. Getting tattoos together is a wonderful bonding experience between a brother and sister.

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