Miscarriage Tattoo

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Miscarriage Tattoo

Miscarriage Tattoo

A very painful event emotionally and physically is a miscarriage. The thought of what to do and how to tell people can be extremely difficult. Many miscarriages have resulted in getting a miscarriage tattoo. A miscarriage tattoo is a tattoo created to signify and help cope with an unborn child. Tattoos in the present day are permanent ink on the body used for self-expression and representation. Tattoos, specifically miscarriage tattoos, have recently become very popular. Some tattoos in this genre have been angel wings, the child’s name, a hand print with a halo on one of the fingers, or the expectant date.

Miscarriage Tattoo

Females that experience miscarriages often times gain a strong depression when the event occurs. Having this tattoo that is seen every day allows a mother to forever be connected to her child. Some feel a miscarriage tattoo is a great way to deal with the loss of a child while other people have gotten offended by the idea. There have been forums in which suggestions for which type of tattoo should be done are asked and replies have included remarks such as, “Why don’t you get a tattoo of a toilet full of blood”.

Miscarriage Tattoo Can Be Beautiful

When tastefully done, a miscarriage tattoo can be beautiful. Although the child did not have a chance to be brought into the world, the mother still had a relationship. A tattoo for a child that did not have the opportunity to live in this world can be considered the same as getting a tattoo for a relative that has passed away. Instead of having a tattoo in honor of someone’s memory, it is a tattoo in honor of a person that would have been a symbol of joy, hope and courage. Dealing with the reminder of a miscarriage is not for everyone. Problems faced with this unfortunate event are feelings of grief and experiencing the loss of a loved one. Many people don’t find a positive in having a tattoo of the child they were supposed to have. This is a constant reminder of a failed pregnancy which many mother’s do not want.

Tattoos in general are a serious decision that everyone should take time to decide on. Something permanent should not be based on an impulse decision to ease the pain of dealing with a situation that is raw. Miscarriage tattoos in particular should really be decided on after a while of thinking. With any tragic event, the news could be shocking or so unbelievable that numbness occurs for a very long time, creating blinded decisions. One must be certain that the memory of a miscarriage is something that they would like to represent. In order to decide if this tattoo is a good idea, it should be surrounded by a list of pros and cons. The person receiving this should also consult with friends and families to hear their opinion on this matter. Even though this could be a coping mechanism for the mother that had the miscarriage, others could be very affected by this experience and may be hurt seeing a reminder everyday on the mother’s body.

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