More About Ace of Spades Tattoo Meaning

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More About Ace of Spades Tattoo Meaning

More About Ace Of Spades Tattoo Meaning

From the numerous tattoo designs, playing card tattoos are very familiar to many tattoo fans. The tattoo designs that feature playing card images represent the true feeling of someone towards gambling. The person who has this tattoo is usually fond of gambling their money with playing cards. History has it that gambling was once prohibited in many parts of the world. The situation was nothing like our current era where we are provided with legal places for gambling like casino with five-star resorts. Back then, the police or authorities forbade any act of gambling which included playing cards. The card players had to outsmart the law officers by claiming that the deck was used for astronomical and religious purposes instead of gambling. This smart tale has become the background of the assumption that considers playing card tattoos as the manifestation of the act of outsmarting the authorities. One of the most popular playing card images used for tattoo designs would be the ace of spades. Perhaps, the highest value of the ace of spades has made the this tattoo very popular these days. Other than that, the ace of spade image is mostly found in the printer’s mark. Generally, we pick a tattoo design or idea for its meaning. Therefore, many people tend to opt for the ace of spades tattoo design as they are interested in its significance and meanings.

More About Ace Of Spades Tattoo Meaning

A deck of playing cards features 52 different cards and four suits. They are in two different colors; black and red. History has it that a long time ago before the French revolution, the ace card was considered the lowest card in the deck. Afterward, the ace card was considered as the symbol of the importance and the power of the lower class. You can trump all other cards using the ace cards. The ace of spades has the highest value that beats all other ace cards. In almost all poker game variations, most gamblers see the ace of spades as the highest ranking card. All gamblers on the planet have acknowledged the importance of this card as they have the upper hand whenever they hold the ace of spades. When it comes to the tattoo design, the ace of spades has become more favorable as it conveys a number of profound meanings.

 The Ace Of Spades Tattoo Design

The ace of spades is also known as the death card. This card would be an omen of death for the one who is dealt it. Having this tattoo on our body part means that we wish for a more powerful feeling to dominate other people in every aspect of life. The ace of spades card features a shovel shape and is painted black in color. Therefore, the ace of spades tattoo design is also associated with grave digging and death. When some people relate the this image with death and bad luck, some other individuals believe that this symbol brings some luck the owners. This belief comes from the fact the ace of spades holds the highest rank in the deck.

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