More About Coast Guard Tattoo Policy

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More About Coast Guard Tattoo Policy

More About Coast Guard Tattoo Policy

Human history has it that long time ago, tattoos were meant for distinguishing the individuals who had committed crimes against the rest of the society. These days, the tattoo is used by everyone on the planet including famous artists, rock stars, military soldiers or even coast guards. While most civilians can have any kind of tattoo designs with many different styles and sizes, those in the military environment and coast guard have some clear guidance whenever they wish to ink their body with tattoo design. Their institutions have come up with special policies regarding the regulation on tattoos and body modifications for all personnel. The United States Armed Forces has issued their regulations to organize the existence of tattoo designs and body modifications among soldiers. Meanwhile, every coast guard member who plans to ink their skin with some tattoo designs, should refer to the tattoo policy issued by the United States Coast Guard. The strict tattoo policy is meant to prevent any coast guard member from having a tattoo design with an excessive appearance. That would be inappropriate in any sense. It seems that every institution in this country is trying to accommodate the passion of their service members to apply some permanent body art on their skin. Should you have more interest in the coast guard tattoo policy, you are welcome to read the rest of this article.

More About Coast Guard Tattoo Policy

Every service member of the United State Coast Guard must refer to the coast guard tattoo policy to prevent themselves from being penalized. The policy would be an important aspect to differentiate the service member of the United States Coast Guard from some other civilian tattoo fans and enthusiasts. The coast guard tattoo policy is now easily accessible by anyone. You can simply log on the internet and browse the official website of the United States Coast Guard to read all the tattoo regulation applied in this institution. If you happen to be a service member of this institution, you might as well read the policy thoroughly before you plan to ink your body with some tattoo design.

The Service Member Of The United States Coast Guard

Like some other governmental institutions, the United Coast Guard is trying to prevent the tattoo designs on their service members from being too appealing or excessive. Every service member is not allowed to have any kinds of tattoos on  visible body areas. You can never ink your head or face with any tattoo designs. The service members should also keep their neck and hands clean from any type of permanent body art. However, a ring tattoo is still allowed as long as you have it on one finger on each hand. The female service members are not permitted to have any kind of tattooed makeup other than permanent tattoo as eyeliner. You need to understand that any tattoo design that reflect racism, extremists, drug-related, or sensual characteristics is not allowed in any governmental institution under any circumstances. The same regulation applies in the United States Coast Guard. In other words, you can still have some tattoo designs on your body even if you are a service member of the United States Coast Guard as long as you meet all the tattoo policy.

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