Mother Child Tattoo Ideas

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Mother Child Tattoo Ideas

Mother and child relationship is unspeakable.  No love that as pure as mother and child love. The bond is unique and very special, full of love and care. This kind of love is platonic and usually not much talked about, but the feeling will never gone even the person has gone for good. You may lose your mom or as a mom you may lose your kid, but the bond is still there and cannot be broken by anything – even the universe! Mother Child Tattoo Ideas can express this feeling of love.

There are many Mother Child Tattoo Ideas and designs are available to choose from.  The most popular one is a tattoo image that shows a mother that holding her kid’s hand. Most women love to get this tattoo because this tattoo can be drawn from the simplest way to the most complicated pattern.

You may have seen Angelina Jolie tattoo that express a special bonding between mother and child. She has a tattoo that shows her children birth places in longitudinal numbers. This kind of idea may give you inspiration of what mother and child tattoo design you want to get.

A classic Mother Child Tattoo Ideas are usually showing a mother who is holding her baby in her arm to give the child protections and care the child needed. You can also get two hearts tattoos that show your love to your child. If your child is in their appropriate age to have a tattoo, and you both agree to have the same tattoo, this two hearts tattoo can be like a couple tattoo. You can have one heart with your child’ favorite color and your child can have one heart with your favorite color. Other images you can choose such as butterfly, bees, dove or even sweet little tribal tattoo in a perfect design.

The placement of Mother Child Tattoo Ideas can vary; depend on how you like your tattoo placed. You can place them in your wrist, your ankle or even on your back – it doesn’t matter. Mother and child tattoo is usually drawn in a small size to make it looks sweet.  There is also star and Jesus fish that represent a symbol of universe and spiritualism. There is even a cancer symbol tattoo that is made by a mom who has survived from cancer and her child made of a band tattoo on her neck and her mother’s neck as well. Heart and flower can also be Mother Child Tattoo Ideas because both images represent love and sweet relationship between mom and child.

A text tattoo can also be Mother Child Tattoo Ideas. You can write your child or your mom’s name on certain part of your body to show your love. This kind of tattoo is much safer than having your couple’s name for tattoo as there is always a chance, no matter how small it is, that you will separate with your partner. While with your mom or your child, the bonding is for good.

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