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Hot Hipster Tattoo Ideas Designs For Men

Hipster is a sub-culture of young, age between 20 to 30 years old and urban middle class society. Characteristic of hipster are educated, creative, independent, as they also like indie movie and music, non-mainstream fashion, and high self-conscious. If I should describe hipsters in one word, then freestyle should be it.

The power of hipster can be seen of the appearance of contemporary art and culture. Hipster brings old stuff into new and negative stereotype into positive, and something awkward into trend. Tattoo for hipster is a self-expression. Tattoo is a must, whether you show it or not. Hipster tattoo ideas should be customized. They can turn anything into tattoo; they can take anything global into something personal. If you are a hipster, hipster tattoo ideas can come from your favorite meal, favorite initial, can be numbers, can be anything you like or dislike.

Religious Hipster Tattoo Ideas

There things I notice about hipster that you cannot guess about what they think, what they like or dislike. This is what I mean the ‘freestyles’ side of hipster. Somehow I figure out that most of hipster aside from their ignorant side about what people thinks about them or non-mainstream status, religious or atheist, hipster love religious symbol. Either because they like irony on them or simply want to speak their mind into religious tattoo. No wonder, cross and Jewish symbols such as Star of David and menorah.

Geometric Shapes, Symbols And Signs

Hipsters like simple designs for small tattoo. This is why geometric shapes and lines are popular as hipster tattoo ideas. Triangular, circle, square or any geometric basic lines and shapes, bold or thin line are favorite tattoo design for under arms, fingers, neck areas and wrist areas. Hipster also loves colors for geometric design tattoos. Eccentric and abstract lines are some favorite’s geometric design or pattern for hipster tattoo ideas.

Hipster Statement tattoo

Statements or saying tattoo is another popular hipster tattoo ideas. Many hipsters like to state their mind through their body. Other than piercing, hipster loves names, song title, even genre music to be crafted onto to their skin. If you like simple tattoo, simply tag anything to your skin and you can be a true hipster.

Meaningless Or Less Meaning

Hipster is unpredictable; many hipster tattoo ideas should be meaningless for the tattoo owners themselves. As they like to play in irony, cross, john Lennon, star of david and ‘I love jesus’ tattoos on the body of hipster can be meaningless either less meaning. It does not mean you don’t take hipster seriously, because you know that they will appreciate you so much if you want to try asking about the meaning of their tattoo. Try this mission. Spot a hipster in a café, or in a bar. While waiting for you latte on queue simply comment about their tattoo,   or hey, you barista could be a hipster so while he or she steams your coffee or give you a change, praise their tattoo and see if you could get discount or free coffee the next day. Good luck!

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