Number Tattoo Fonts

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Number Tattoo Fonts

If you really thinks tattoo as an artwork you must think that choosing tattoo fonts is a big deal when designing your custom tattoo. Permanent tattoo is a symbol of great commitment as you know it will stay in your skin forever.  Thanks to the internet you can choose many variations of fonts and try them on you. The most popular fonts are fire, ice font and old English. If you like old school tattoo design you should like classic font. New school tattoo design gives more freedom to the tattoo lover to choose their favorite number tattoo font.

Choose Tattoo Fonts That Suit Your Characters

Choose tattoo fonts that suit your characters. Size and colors need to be adjusting to your skin colors and the number tattoo font’s location. There are many website like FontSpace, FontMeme, and TattooJohnny as   font generator to try different number tattoo fonts. One thing for sure you need to know that the appereance of letter or number tattoo font on paper will look completely different when apply to your skin.

The best way to make sure type of letter or number tattoo fonts will look good on you is to try it on your skin. Do not forget also to try different colors and shades. For example, warm skin tone like yellow, brown, olive skin tone will look best in colorful font. Thick or bold line letter or number tattoo font is best for those with dark skin colors, if want the letter or number to appear. White skin colors basically a great canvas to any kind of line, thin or bold, black, grey even white tattoo ink colors.

Favorite Designs Of New School Tattoo Designs

Japanese and Chinese letter are very popular in the West because of the artistic line and design that will be easily match to other tattoo design such as tribal and geometric design as favorite designs of new school tattoo designs and sub culture generations such as gothic, scene and hipster. Here are tips how to design letter or number tattoo fonts using Adobe Photoshop.

  • The tattoo design should be created on canvas with size at least 200dpi resolution in order to get a clean result. Spends a blank canvas by selecting the File menu and then click New.
  • Start with the size of the tattoo design 700x700pix using the brush tool available on the menu.
  • Choose a brush tipped round with a solid edge so that you can produce clear lines with a smooth edge.
  • In addition to using the brush as a tool you can also use a pen that man is actually easier use. If you intend to make a pattern with dots using the pen tool, is a very practical way in which the convert option is available also painting tool.
  • Use the eraser with rounded edges to spruce up the corners of your tattoo design
  • Choose letter or number tattoo fonts from category block or a font that is similar to the tattoo design in general that are suitable for block-type font bold lines on tribal tattoos also old school tattoo designs. Fine type fonts are close to calligraphy which is very suitable for details design as commonly find in new school tattoo design.
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