Ocean Themed Tattoo Ideas & Hawaiian Island Tattoos

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Ocean Themed Tattoo Ideas & Hawaiian Island Tattoos

Ocean Themed Tattoo Ideas & Hawaiian Island Tattoos

All kinds of art forms are inspired by Hawaii that also includes the tattoo design. You can find a lot of different ideas that can represent on skin that it might not be easy to select. From colorful and graceful hibiscus flowers to heavy tribal bands, there is a wealth of wonderful ideas you can use. You have to determine which most represents your love of the islands.

If you have a plan to create a tattoo with Hawaiian island tattoo themes, but you are still need more inspiration to get the coolest result, so you can consider choosing one of mentioning ideas below that can help you to complete and even realize your plan and help you to get the coolest result. so, let’s check these out!


And another symbolic image of Hawaiian Islands is the Tiki. Tiki has been representative of Hawaiian Islands in televisions and movies, especially as a symbol of retro. It is associated with luaus and parties that the fun and care free feeling of vacationing on the islands can be symbolized. They have been looked with a variety of different expressions, happy and angry were included. There are a variety of different tikis you can use. Maybe you have snapped a photograph of one on a Hawaiian Islands trip. You can add other elements to the Tiki composition like a style of retro drink including umbrella in it, a surfboard or a hibiscus.

Hawaiian Landmarks/Scenery

The photographs are very helpful for this idea. If you have a plan to take a holiday or vacation on the Hawaiian Islands, a lovely beach, waterfall or other landmark can be gotten by you. You can turn this into your tattoo concept. Postcards can also be great for this like a vintage Hawaiian photographs if you do not have a private or personal photographs.

Hula Girls

A wonderful tattoo can be created by the iconic Hawaiian pin-up girl. A hula-girl can be completed and very great in the vintage, classic version, more stylized ot it can be completed in a more realistic fashion.


This kind of tattoo is the most generally seen tattoo inspired by Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific Islander culture. You can put Tribal tattoo in any parts on your body depending on your taste.

Hibiscus Flowers

For a long time, hibiscus flowers have been known as n icon in the Hawaiian Islands and something that represents the Hawaii until now. The beauty, nature and the laid back atmosphere of Hawaiian Islands are represented by Hibiscus flowers. You can choose this flower as the concept for your tattoo; it will be very beautiful stick on your body. You can simply create single hibiscus or even multiple hibiscus flowers; it depends on your taste. You can also mix the hibiscus flowers with any other elements, this kind of flower can be good in any parts of your body, whether as a sleeve or covering a whole leg or else.

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