Ovarian Cancer Tattoos

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For cancer survivors, the idea of reclaiming one’s body after becoming healthy again is a major achievement. For many, the idea of getting tattooed is a symbolic way of doing this. Many women and dedicated tattoo artists have been experimenting with inking graceful and intricate designs as a symbol of their triumph over cancer, or sometimes even in place of reconstruction surgery or to cover scars. Many cancer survivors consider this artwork to be life-affirming and a way to create beauty on the body that they have associated with pain for so long. Many tattoo artists have devoted themselves to designing tattoos specifically for those who are suffering from or have survived cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Tattoos

However, tattooing is not just for those who have suffered or are currently suffering from cancer themselves. Many close friends and family members also view getting inked as a way to honor a loved one and their battle with cancer. Many daughters, sister, and mothers of women who have suffered from ovarian cancer choose to get tattoos in memory or in honor of their loved ones. Many people also choose to get matching ovarian cancer tattoos as a symbol of sisterhood and support for one another.

Get Matching Ovarian Cancer Tattoos

The battle that the body faces with cancer is out of our control, so it makes sense that survivors, friends, and family are compelled to create visual and tangible symbols of the struggle as a permanent image of triumph. Cancer can take a woman’s ovaries or leave her body scarred, but tattooing gives women the power to turn these scars into beautiful and vibrant images that cannot be taken away. After all, the function of tattoos throughout history has always been to create a tangible symbol of passage, trauma, or achievement in one’s life. Ovarian cancer tattoos are no different in the way that they are a symbol for changes in one’s life.

 Stylistic Choices For Ovarian Cancer Tattoos

Common stylistic choices for ovarian cancer tattoos can include the signature teal ribbon that is associated with ovarian cancer. However, the decision is an incredibly personal one and survivors may have different images or symbols that they associate with healing and reclaiming their body, so any type of tattoo can be an ovarian cancer tattoo. Additionally, the placement and location of a tattoo on the body is a personal choice. Some ovarian cancer tattoos may be placed in an area where surgery has left scars or anywhere else on the body that cancer survivors feel is appropriate.

Cancer survivors, and friends and family of cancer survivors may have many reasons for getting a tattoo: a symbol of hope, triumph, struggle, or support for someone who is suffering from cancer. Ovarian cancer tattoos can be a source of spiritual healing for both the patient and their loved ones. The everlasting symbol of a tattoo can be a major step towards reclaiming one’s body after ovarian cancer or just as a sign of the struggle and a reminder of how truly strong women who battle with ovarian cancer truly are.

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