Pharrell’s Tattoos: Before and After

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Pharrell's Tattoos: Before and After

Pharrell’s Tattoos: Before And After

Not everyone who gets tattoos gets them for a profound reason, nor has the desire to keep them for life. There are those who truly regret their decision to get ink etched into their skin. Pharrell tattoos, on Pharrell Williams is one of those people. Why did Pharrell remove his tattoos? Well, as the rapper and producer states in an interview regarding his tattoos, “I was just young, and dumb”. He states that for him, it was just a rebellious phase in his life. Pharrell is known as one of the most prolific, and inventive rap stars of our time, but his latest decision makes him somewhat revolutionary.

Pharrell’s Tattoos: Before and After

Since 2008 Pharrell Williams has been trying to remove his tattoos by using a revolutionary new technique. It requires giving a sample of your skin for the Doctors to grow in a lab, then this is sewn onto your skin and it is incredibly seamless. Pharrell tattoos before and after, the differences look amazing. Although for some tattoos are a symbol of their life experiences, in other cases; a symbol for what they believe in, and yet for others tattoos are a tribal commitment. In the case of Pharrell tattoos he has made the choice to reverse his decision to get tattoos.

Pharrell before and after

The spot light showcases every aspect of an artist, and almost leads the audience to believe they are flawless. It takes some nerves to with stand the pain that comes along with tattooing. But, the courage it must have taken Pharrell to undergo a revolutionary procedure to remove his tattoos, Pharrell tattoos before and after really showcase how amazing and revolutionary the procedure really is. His arms were almost totally covered with all types of tattoos, including pictures of woman.

His Arms Wee Tattooed With Fire, In The Form Of Flames

The innovative tattoo removal costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and consists of scientists growing skin graft samples of his skin in a lab.He has also undergone lase surgery to remove some of the ink tattoos on his arms. His arms wee tattooed with fire, in the form of flames. He has an angel with wings on his right arm, a tattoo of another winged angel on the back of neck, and a third angel playing a stringed instrument on his right leg. The tattoo on his leg almost took up the whole calf from knee to ankle. The art of tattooing dates back for more than 5000 years and the art form is still alive and thriving in today’s societies, cultures, and indigenous people around the world. Their have been studies to determine what affect if any the ink plays on the wearer over time.

Pharrell is one of many who has decided that what he thought was the right thing to do as a youth was not the thing he wanted to represent him as an adult. Technology has enabled him the opportunity, his wealth and talent have given him the necessary finances to reverse what he calls a regret. Why did Pharrell remove his tattoos, you could say he out grew them.

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