Pic Of Skull Tattoos

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skull pictures for tattoos

Pic Of Skull Tattoos

Skulls are for cool people. Do you think that way? What should appear on your mind when you look at a person with skull accessories or pic of skull tattoos? Most people think those people are cool or scary. For men, skull attributes will make them look manly or masculine. Then how about women? Many women love skull attributes as well as much as men. Pic of skull tattoos has always been a popular tattoo idea for men and women impressively. Black and grey skull tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs.

The other reason why people love pic of skull tattoos is because skull is commonly used for custom tattoo ideas as when it is combined with other tattoo design like flowers, cross, anchor, birds or anything, it will definitely give different meaning. Skulls give dark and horror side effect to any tattoo designs. It is also become symbol of fear, anger, irony, transitory, and rebellion.

Pic of skull tattoos is for those who like mainstream tattoos as skull require high technique and creative tattoo artists. However these days we can see more creative design of skull as it is integrated to the pop culture.

Geometric Design Pics Of Skull Tattoos

The latest tattoo trend is geometric tattoo design.  The idea is to create three-dimensional image or illusion through geometric lines and borders. Geometric lines, thick and think lines is made and design to be look like skull when look from certain distance.

Girly Pics Of Skull Tattoos

Black and white scary skulls with colorful flowers or roses are the latest trend of skull tattoos for women. The contradicting or ironic picture of beauty and beast or live and death is very artistic. If you want to use your body as canvas, this skull tattoos ideas is worth to copy.

Cartoon Skull Tattoos

If you are a creative person, or a geek, or a hipster or a scene girl, you might like this skull tattoo ideas. Instead of making people scare with your skull tattoo, why you don’t try to make people smile when they look at your funny or cartoon skull tattoos. Try to create story like skulls with girly skirt or lipstick, skull with roses between teeth and try also full color cartoon skull tattoos.

Pic Of Skull Tattoos Placements

Depend on the size of your skull tattoos, you can place it everywhere. Most men like to put giant size skull tattoo on their back. Other men with more muscle like to put skulls tattoo on arms and punkers like to put skull tattoos on their feet. Sexy women will like to add horror to their sexy body part such as chest area, tights and hips.  Small skulls tattoos usually located on wrist, underarm, neck areas and fingers area. No matter where you want to place your skull tattoo, u need to remind always that small or big, skulls tattoo require high skill. Make sure to have a great and experience tattoo artist to make your skull tattoo at least pretty scary.

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