Pictures of crosses tattoos

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Pictures Of Crosses Tattoos

Pictures of crosses tattoos

Picture of crosses has always been popular ideas for tattoos. Both men and women fond picture of crosses and religious reason is  one of the most common reason why people choose this tattoo.

Tattoo is used for human to express self, idea, thought, feeling and emotions. For many tribes for example, tattoos are used to show one identity or social status. In modern life, people use tattoo the same way; it is used to declare identity such as religion.

Cross has been the symbol of Christianity for ages and very often also cross this day is used simply for attributes as well as other symbols of Jewish and Nazi. There are many types’ pictures of crosses tattoos this day. Many people like colorful cross picture tattoo, some other like 3D picture of crosses tattoos, black and grey, tribal, Celtic and many more.

Christian women will think about cross tattoo at their first tattoo. Many actress and celebrities like to appear with cross tattoo such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Demi Lovato, Nicole Richie, Eva Longoria, David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, and many more.

Small simple cross tattoo

One of the most popular pictures of crosses tattoos is small simple cross sign. Many young people like to have this tattoos as attribute to their fingers,ear area, necks and feet area.  Nicole Richie is one celebrity that first has a rosary around her ankle and then this tattoo style very quick become a trend among the youngster. Rihanna and Miley cyrus also bring simple cross tattoo into trend today.  Now many young people will go to scratcher tattoo parlor to have simple cross picture as it is considered as a new fashion trend.

Celtic cross tattoo

Celtic cross might sound serious but the pattern and design are truly beautiful. Those who like tribal style tattoo might find Celtic picture of crosses tattoo suitable to their style. Angelina Jolie has a big cross of Celtic pattern on her lower hips and so does David Bekcham has one right on his center back. These celebrities have proven that you should not be ashamed of being Christian.

Jesus picture of crosses tattoos

Old style tattoo will show a lot of details and realism on the shape of cross picture tattoo. We will find many combination of Jesus face or praying hands on old school style tattoo, as many of the best tattoo artist has Mexican background which make this tattoo style of cross with Jesus face make so much sense. If you want to make sure to have a great Jesus face and picture of crosses tattoos then you should go for a senior or experienced tattoo artist who is specialized in realism and portrait tattoo.

Cancer ribbon picture of crosses tattoos

One of the latest trends of cross tattoos is the combination of cross tattoo with cancer ribbon. There are many colors of cancer ribbon tattoos depend on the cancer disease types. If you have family who is cancer survivor or patient one of the good way to show your empathy and support is by making this type of tattoo.

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