Polynesian Sleeve Tattoo

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Polynesian Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Polynesian sleeve tattoo is a unique and historical art form for women and men. The Polynesian people are responsible for giving us the word tattoo, which is derived from the word tatau by Samoan people and tatu by Tahitians. The rich and intricate designs detail sea life, shapes evocative of plants, and mark one’s social status and achievements within their ethnic group. Polynesian sleeve tattoo makes for a very beautiful tribute to island culture and people, but beware poor imitation or blatant rip offs of authentic tribal designs meant only for specific wearers. You can find many talented tattoo artists that are capable and versed in the symbolism behind Polynesian sleeve tattoo designs. Polynesian sleeve tattoo designs are created by people of Polynesia, Tahiti, Hawaii, and other nations.

Polynesian Sleeve Tattoo

Traditionally theses types of tattoos are created without color and are solely made using black ink of organic elements. Tattoos are created by a master tattoo artist, using a hammer to strike a stick with needles at the end, perforating the skin and leaving an indelible design behind. It is very time-consuming to create large pieces of artwork on the skin, and one must take into account the wearer’s sex, age, social status, and personality. Shamans were usually the ones who performed tattoo services, but today modern tattoo shops create these beautiful works of art.

When It Comes To This Style Of Tattoo

The spear head design is a very popular and recognized motif in Polynesian sleeve tattoo designs. Diamond shapes or triangles are repeated in sweeping lines across the body. The sweeping curls of intricately placed line work, is to mimic the energy and freedom of flight. Organic curls that make use of the negative skin space are also used to complement the wearer’s body. When it comes to this style of tattoo, everything has a meaning and purpose. Some shapes are made to mimic basket weave designs, the movements and shape of the sea, and animals like the turtle and fish. Symbolic totem animals are tattooed onto wearers and incorporated into their sleeve designs as protective emblems. Traditionally the animals selected were chosen by shamans, in order to imbue the qualities the animal possessed onto the tattoo wearer. Polynesian people make their life because of the land, but predominantly because of the generosity or cruelty of the sea. Fish and turtles are food, boats are used for travel, fishing, and gathering supplies. Tattoo is about celebrating the everyday, cherishing special moments, and cultural pride.

For A Fee Can Custom Design An Authentic Influenced Sleeve Design

Modern tattoo collectors can now benefit from Polynesian style tattoos. If you have an affinity for the sea, surfing, island culture, or just think the designs are cool, you can find a tattoo for you. There are many tattoo artists that specifically focus only on Polynesian tattoo designs, and for a fee can custom design an authentic influenced sleeve design. You can honor your family, your spirituality, or show of your personality and strength with a graceful, beautiful, unique Polynesian sleeve tattoo. Tattoos are for a life time, so choose your artist and design wisely.

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