Rihanna’s Tattoos: Strong Expressions

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Rihanna’s Tattoos: Strong Expressions

The art form of tattooing has been around for centuries. There are many cultures that have used tattooing as way of life. Little has changed in terms of the fact that tattoos are still a part of everyday life, however, tattoos are now common world-wide. There are many people who use tattoos as a way to stamp or brand themselves. It’s a way to stand out in a crowd, or to make a political statement silently, or simply have a token of a cherished thing, moment or person.

Rihanna’s Tattoos

In the celebrity world tattooing is a way to express their individuality and personal feelings. There are many celebrities that showcase their tattoos since they are in the public eye. The singer and entertainer Rihanna has several tattoos, Rihanna tattoos meaning symbolize a different aspect of her life. Let’s start with the tattoo on her first finger that says shhhh. When she puts her first finger to her mouth she does not have to say a word. On her right collarbone she has a tattoo of her motto, “Never a failure, always a lesson” tattooed backwards so she can see it in the mirror. On her right armpit she has tattoo of a gun and she claims it represents strength. On the left side of her neck, Rihanna tattoos has the words, Rebelle Fleur which means rebel flower. On her right hip she has a Sanskrit prayer that translates into forgiveness, control, suppression, and honesty.

Rihanna Tattoos Meaning In Arabic Script Freedom In God

On her right hand she has had an original Maori tattoo done the traditional way with hammer and chisel, she also has the word Love on her middle finger. Rihanna tattoos allow her to express her inner self. She also has the birth date of her best friend, Melissa tattooed on her left shoulder in Roman Numerals. Under her left arm pit she has an image of Nefertiti along with the Rihanna tattoos meaning in Arabic script Freedom in God. As a tribute to her late grandmother. Her body has become a symbol for her life experiences, and her personal growth. At the nape of her neck she has a trail of stars that goes midway down her right shoulder bone. The singer use to have two symbols for music on her ankle, it has since been covered with an Egyptian Falcon that critics say resembles a second gun, this could be considered one of the Rihanna thug life tattoos. She also sports a skull and cross bone on the back of her ankle, her skull is topped with a pink bow, which takes away some of the danger that is normally associated with such a symbol could this be considered a Rihanna thug life tattoos. It is one of the only tattoos that she has that is colored. She has a large “R” on her left shoulder that it said to represent the initial of her name. Rihanna is a self-proclaimed tattoo addict so it is likely that she will have more tattoos to come.

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