Roman Letter Tattoos

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Ancient Roman Tattoos Designs

Roman Letter Tattoos

Roman letter tattoos is highly popular because it can be use to hide certain meanings or it symbolizes secret date or numbers. The addiction to tattoo according to psychologists is highly related to the exhibitionist action. Tattoo is a way of expressing self, as it is very common use to express emotion and passion of someone. The problem is, after a person is used to conquer the pain during the tattooing process, they are tend to have immune against the pain as their satisfaction revealed with the result of new tattoo.

Roman Letter Tattoos

Tattoo is made not anymore to attribute self with body art but more often become a media of passing anger and alternate pain. This is why very often we found people get their body tattooed at the very young age. Pharell Williams lately admit the reason why he decided to remove his tattoos is because he thinks he was young and stupid and now he regrets to have the entire stupid image on his body and he cannot wait to get rid of the painful tattoo removal phases.

Roman numbers is one of the easiest ways to expel symbols and secrets into a body art. This is why roman letter tattoos is continuously become a trend letter tattoos. Celebrities such as Vic Beckham, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga are just some from so many celebrities who love decorate their body with tattoo and all of them have roman letter tattoos.

Why Roman Letter Tattoos Is Continuously Become a Trend Letter Tattoos

Victoria Beckham has roman letter tattoos on her wrist symbolized her wedding renewed vows in march 8 2006. David Beckham her husband also has roman letter tattoos also has the matching tattoo on his wrist refer to same date of their marriage vows renewal.

Miley Cyrus is a young singer that lately behave extraordinary that she has more than 20 tattoos in her body, include roman letter tattoo in her forearm symbolizes multiple numbers that no one can understand as she never want to explain. Many people talk about her tattoo habits as most of the tattoos look like scratch instead of artistic tattoo pictures.

The Roman Numbers Symbolized

Rihanna is another young singer who seems addicted to tattoo. She has 19 tattoos on her body include roman letter tattoo on her left shoulder which is actually symbolize her best friend birth date name Melissa who has Rihanna’s birth date on her at the same place.

Justin Bieber hates and love relationship with press is often confusing. One day he will throw paparazzi with bottle or coke can and the next day he shows them off his new tats. Last time Bieber getting out from concert and stretch his tee to show press his new roman letter tattoo. The roman numbers symbolized 1975, of course not his year of birth but his mom’s.

Disney star Bieber ex-girlfriend Selena Gomes also has 20 minutes tattooing section and resulted in roman letter tattoo symbolized 76 which she claimed as her family secret number. This interesting how these Hollywood young celebrities look like in a hurry  We can imagine how many tattoos they will end up and regret for as soon as they get mature.

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