School Tattoos: Show Your Pride

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School Tattoos: Show Your Pride

School Tattoos: Show Your Pride

People who are looking to get a tattoo will have a variety of options to consider and choose from. When looking to get a tattoo one of the options that is quite common is school tattoos. With school tattoos you can show off your pride and affiliation with a particular school you went to. One of the most common types of school tattoos is college tattoos. The college tattoos are often insignia of the university you attended. This is a great way to represent your affiliation of the college you went to. Like quite a few other tattoos, the ones you get for your high school or college may have old school tattoos meanings. These old school tattoos meanings can be symbols that represent certain mottos and parts of the school philosophy. This can be a great way to show off your allegiance to your alma mater.

School Tattoos

When it comes to a school tattoo, one of the options that you can get is one representing your high school. If you participated on any sports teams or just have a fondness of your high school then it will be a good idea to get a tattoo of this type. High school tattoo designs can include images of the school initials, school mascot logo and even slogans of the school. A high school tattoo can be on of the better options when looking to get a tattoo that best represents your affiliation with a past school you attended.

College tattoo

Another design template you can use for a school tattoo is one representing your college. Similar to a high school tattoo, a college tattoo can enable you to show off your allegiance to and fondness of the college you attended. This will be quite beneficial if you participated on a college sports team and have very fond memories of that experience. Just like the high school tattoo, a college tattoo will usually consist of either the college initials, mascot images and also slogans of the particular team or college. A college tattoo is yet another quality option to consider when looking to get a tattoo representing a school you attended.

Whether you get a high school or college tattoo there are a number of templates that you can use. If you are looking to show off the school you attended it will be worth considering to get a tattoo that has the school initials. The school initials can be a vague but appealing design to use when looking to have a tattoo showing where you went to school. If you want to be more bold you can get images of the mascot and school logo. This can be yet another very intriguing way to show where you went to school and your pride in the school you attended. Lastly you can use slogans and saying that will show off the philosophy of your school. With a school tattoo you will have yet another way to express your passion and enthusiasm for the high school or college you attended. The school tattoo is one design that will provide you with a lasting impression.

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