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Jeff Gogue Bear Tattoo With Scratcher Tattoo Artist Design

Scratcher is a controversial profession in the world of tattoo. Scratcher often considered beginners, non experienced, non- qualified and non-professional tattoo artist. This assumption is not entirely true, because their tattoo style is not always following   mainstream tattoo style but does not mean the work of tattoo they are not qualified.

What makes scratcher tattoo artist survive and gain market position that they have their own market. Scratcher is usually in addition to offering tattoo services at a price below the average, they are also famous for free tattoo style. Not everyone is willing to spend a lot of money for the famous tattoo artist. Not everyone is also willing to queue for months to be tattooed, and not everyone likes the artistic tattoo designs.

Recent trends of tattoos among young people like hipster generation is simple tattoo trend. The most popular is the image and simple shapes, such as a letter or font tattoo. Surely, for such a simple tattoo models you do not need a tattoo artist with a particular specification. That’s why scratcher tattoo artist does exist.

People Cornered Scratcher Tattoo Artist As Scam To Artistic Tattoo Art

Many people cornered scratcher tattoo artist as scam to artistic tattoo art. Many people perceive that scratcher committed fraud by selling image “tattoo artist”. The actual and fundamental difference from the tattoo artist and scratcher is, that scratcher does not go to apprenticeship on a particular tattoo parlor before beginning their independent careers.

Actually this is understandable due to difficult access to internship at a tattoo parlor with a bona fide license and certification. Access to the world of professional tattoo artist is not only long but also high of competition. Therefore,due to  the tattoo trend and the lucrative market at the moment there is  no wonder there are many scratcher tattoo artist in the corners of the city.

 They Have Different Tattoo Styles Such As Water Color Paint Tattoo Style

However this is unfair when you turn generalized scratcher as a scam and untalented tattoo artist. In fact, there are many tattoo parlor name themselves as scratcher as they have different tattoo styles such as watercolor paint tattoo style, calligraphy and sketching style tattoo technique. Some tattoo artists like sketcher  paradise tattoo studio in Germany for example, are enormously famous for their paint and watercolor style tattoo. Here are some tips to avoid being end up with bad scratcher tattoo artist:

  • Never think of scratcher before professional or licensed tattoo artist for old school, black and grey or portrait tattoo style.
  • Always check on portfolio
  • Doubt on scratcher who looks too young, choose a scratcher that at least has two or three-year experience
  • Watch over your scratcher tattoo, if he has good tattoos means you could be in the right place
  • Always check on hygiene scratcher studio, be aware to the health issue as you don’t want to risk your health just for cheap and simple tattoo design
  • Try first on simple tattoo design
  • Tattoo process does hurt but when it hurt so much and your tattoo get swollen way before it is done there should be something wrong with the technique
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