Sick Cross Tattoos Design

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Sick Cross Tattoos Designs On Star Tattoo

Sick Cross Tattoos or also known as Christian cross, a symbol representing the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, is a vertical line intersecting at right angles, about one-third of its peak. It is used by Christians to follow, to demonstrate their faith in religion. Pastor used to give blessings to people. At this time, Christian tattoos are a popular way for people to express their faith in Christianity. In fact, it is one of the popular designs used in body art.

Sick Cross Tattoos Design

If you’re looking for a tattoo design that is loaded with meaning and symbolism, then the Sick Cross Tattoos would be your best bet. Sports cross tattoo is socially acceptable and can be made almost any size, placed anywhere on the body. Versatile design is endlessly adaptable and expandable. For example, cross tattoo designs can be combined with hearts, flowers, write the wing, or animals. Read the article to know more about the two categories most of cross tattoo designs.

Non Religious Sick Cross Tattoos Designs

Ankh: Non-religious though, Ankh crosses are similar to the Latin cross in terms of its shape. The only difference between the Ankh cross and religious colleagues is that the former has a vertical line that bent round to form a circle, just above the horizontal line of the cross. Ankh tattoo symbolizes infinity, fertility. This is a wonderful variation from the original Latin cross.

Gothic cross: Gothic cross design is influenced by the German style of ornate wrought iron work were prevalent during the Victorian and Edwardian Era. Gothic cross symbolizes Goth culture. It is a way to express feelings of depression, pain and anger. Cross tattoo on the barbed wire is the most common variations of the Gothic cross

Religious Sick Cross Tattoos Designs

  • Latin Cross: Latin cross is one of the most chosen designs for body art. It is recognized easily, because it usually consists of a vertical line intersected at right angles by short horizontal lines, such as the sign of the cross which is commonly used by Christians. Simple cross design is the perfect choice for first time users. You can add a substance to combine with a tattoo design with a dove (to represent peace) or shamrock (to represent the Irish culture).
  • Celtic Cross. Celtic Cross is similar to the Christian cross, the only difference is the use of Celtic Knot, which is placed over the area where the two lines intersect the cross. Simple and elegant, the Celtic cross symbolizes the never-ending nature of human life, while the knot stands for conjoint of the physical and spiritual world. People in Scotland, Ireland and Wales really like Celtic cross tattoo.
  • Cross of St Andrew: Very different from the other two religious cross tattoo designs, Cross of St Andrew’s shaped more like an ‘X’ on the ‘T’. Cross linked to St Andrew, which is the Patron Saint of Scotland. People with Scottish links usually prefer sports Sick Cross Tattoos of St Andrew, as a symbol to honor their ancestors.
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