Simple Tattoo Fonts

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Simple Tattoo Fonts

Simple Tattoo Fonts

Many young people like simple tattoo, and the latest trend for letter tattoo is simple tattoo fonts. Just view years ago, we read and hear that we need to choose thick fonts or calligraphy font style when making letter tattoos that I will look more artistic also getting well with tribal or other tattoo style.

Many youngster start using word fonts or simple tattoo fonts for their letter or statement tattoo. Recently we will see young hipster or school boys and girls with simple tattoo fonts like courier new from words applications. Not only that they wish that the quotes or words will be easily read but seems that for young people tattoo is no longer work as body art.

Parents Will Not Easily Allow Their Children To Make Tattoo

For young people, their body looks more like a sheet of paper instead of canvas. They will not care about placement, technique, colors, line, shades or anything that will make tattoo looks artistic on human body. Like 10 years ago, parents will not easily allow their children to make tattoo on their body. Due to modernity, many modern parents give more freedom to their children as well as give them freedom to express themselves with tattoo.

This trend gives chance to young people to think “Oh yeah, I would like to make tattoo” then click on words to design their tattoo with simple tattoo fonts, and then later they will say “I think it will be cool to have tattoo under my feet”.

Here are some tips before getting your simple tattoo fonts:

  • Since simple tattoo fonts should be made to be read. You want the message to get through; therefore all you need to do is to choose the words and quotes with simple and clear meaning. One word can give deep meaning also like ‘hope’, ‘faith’, ‘love’ and ‘freedom’.
  • Choose placement where you likely hope people will see or read it. Tattoo should be made to impress people, right? If you only want to make it as self expression then you can hide your tattoo under your shirt. Small and simple words with simple tattoo fonts should be place on the side or back neck areas, chest areas, arms, under arms, fingers, wrists, and side arms area.
  • Check on websites that provide font generators or visit websites that specialize in simple tattoo fonts such as Try also, and try different simple fonts for your letter tattoo.
  • Before getting into real tattoo, you might want to consult your simple tattoo fonts with your tattoo artist. Usually they will suggest you to try it for couple days or weeks with temporary tattoo. This will give you chance to change it in case you don’t like it as u wished.
  • If you want to have more personalized custom fonts tattoo, you need to try your own writing or calligraphy to be made as tattoo. Try also with your father or your mother handwritings, your best friends or your boyfriend’s handwriting to make your letter tattoo more meaningful.
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