Sleeve and Half Sleeve Tattoos Growing in Popularity

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Sleeve And Half Sleeve Tattoos Growing In Popularity

Tattoos have a history as long as civilization, even Otzi the Iceman had them. The ice age mummy discovered in the Alps lived 5300 years ago, and was covered with over fifty tattoos. They were not much like what you would see today, just simple lines made with charcoal instead of ink, and probably done for therapeutic reasons rather than symbolism.

Sleeve and Half Sleeve Tattoos Growing in Popularity

But the modern tattoo resurgence has led to a wonderful variety of options and styles to choose from. One can either look back into the roots of the art for inspiration, or create something entirely new based on their own history and passions. Full body, sleeve, and half sleeve tattoos are significant in many cultures and gaining popularity in many areas of the US. Dramatic when revealed, but easy to conceal under business attire, they are striking personal statements drawn on the very skin of the wearer. They allow an individual to tell their own story in ink, or to metaphorically wear their heart on their sleeve.

Sleeve Tattoo Is The Correct Choice For The Design

Sleeve tattoo ideas can come from almost anything; mythology, history, literature, art, or personal designs created in collaboration with the tattoo artist. A good artist will give advice on whether a sleeve tattoo is the correct choice for the design, or if a half sleeve tattoo, or other option is preferable. They will also have their own style but be willing to adapt to the customer’s specific desires. For this reason, finding someone you are comfortable with is key. Once the domain of anchors or the name of a sailor’s sweetheart, the arm can now be decorated with intricate images in full color. Sleeve tattoos and ideas for them are as varied as the people who get them, but the best ones have a personal meaning for the wearer. Some people come up with a completed design, while others slowly add new ink to mark milestones in their lives.

Get Sleeve Tattoos With Ideas Already In Place

The advantage of the completed image is of course that the design is unified from the start and will usually end up more cohesive. But there is much to be said for the idea of sleeve tattoos as a form of expressing growth. Life changes us, and marking those changes on our own skin for the world to see is a profound form of expression. But whether you go in to get sleeve tattoos with ideas already in place, or just know that you want one eventually, do your research before making the choice on what kind you want. Full sleeve tattoos may be a tricky proposition in conservative regions, especially if the weather is hot. Some organizations, like the Marine Corps, have even instituted bans on visible tattoos due to their rising popularity.

But for most people the compromise of half sleeve tattoos can also work quite well, and can even be combined with back or chest ink for a bolder design. And certainly there are many lines of work in which they are practically required, adding that little bit of rock and roll vibe.

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