Small simple cross tattoos

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Small Simple Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos have always been popular tattoos for the tattoo lovers. Other than symbolizes Christianity, cross symbols and pictures reflects many things as well as cardinal directions and humanity. Young people these day love small simple cross tattoos to be put in their hands and fingers area.  Scratcher now has turn into young people’s best friend who is crazy about simple tattoos.

Young People These Day Love small simple cross tattoos

We are not really sure the importance of cross symbols for the young people as we have seen so many contradiction since era of Madonna related to this Christian symbols. Naughty celebrities such as Rihanna and Miley Cyrus for example are two celebs who seems having trouble dealing with their popularity and personal life. They are addicted to tattoo and act rebellious.  Both super star also have small simple cross tattoos where Miley Cyrus has it on her fingers while Rihanna has it on her collar-bone.

Female celebrities apparently love small simple cross tattoos. Actress Alyssa Milano and Nicole Richie both have small simple cross tattoos in the shape of rosary on their body. Alyssa has it on her back area and Nicole has it around her ankle and it turned into a fashion style back in years ago. Placement and details should be the important elements that should be considered when choosing your small simple cross tattoos design.

The sweet and sexy desperate housewife actress Eva Longoria for example has a cute thick small tattoos right on the top of her belly which sometimes appear when she wears backless dress. It may hard to believe but supermodel Kate Moss has anchor small simple cross tattoos on her right wrist.

Who Have Small Simple Cross Tattoos On Their Wrist

Selena Gomes and Kelly Clarkson are two good image singers who have small simple cross tattoos on their wrist. Wrist area is likely the place where singers like to put their tattoo. Second place to place good tattoo is on sleeve area. Maybe it is because this area is likely the place to show up tattoos.  Demi Lovato is another young actress who has simple line cross tattoos in her hand together with her 13 other tattoos.

Here are some great ideas and tips before making you small simple cross tattoos:

  • Anchor as faith hope love tattoos is a great simple cross tattoo. Place it on hips and shoulder area, combine with some letters or words would be nicer.
  • Try also small cross with heart in the middle for colorful cross, some people like to add boat of small cross with surrealism details for colorful cross tattoo
  • What can be better than small cross tattoos with wings? Place it on your ankle or wrist area, if you have nice back and hips, place it on hips or center back area.
  • Most of the Celtic cross will appear beautiful when made small in black ink, but you can always try other ink colors such as pastels, red or blue if you want the tattoo to appear differently.
  • Small cross with rose is also another great idea for women. Place it on your hands arms, chest or shoulder area.
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