Taino Tattoos, A Tribal Movement In Art

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Taino Tattoos, A Tribal Movement In Art

Taino Tattoos, A Tribal Movement In Art

Tribal art is a simplified and beautiful form of art. Tribal tattoo art has a whole other meaning to most people. There are some of us who wish to escape the norm, wish to leave the modern world behind and delve into the extreme natural beauty that is the primal and raw life of the native.

Taino Tattoos, A Tribal Movement In Art

Native tribes of the area of Cuba, Haiti and Jamaica have a wonderful representation of their lives. Their artwork is very unique and proclaims the uninhibited motions of their lives. Many residents of America and even remote countries around the world choose to represent a moment of their lives with a Taino tattoo. As much as we want to believe that we know what a Taino tattoo really is, we basically have no clue. With proper education and research we can discover everything that there is to know about the Taino Indians and their artistic ways.

In the Caribbean Islands the indigenous ethnic groups, otherwise known as the Boriken people are slowly starting to regain their numbers in population. History tells us that their numbers were greatly reduced because of disease and slavery brought over from Spain. As these people regained their strength, their artwork resumed and word of this beautiful craft spread throughout the world. Since the Taino has no alphabet, everything that they wished to convey was drawn with symbols and petroglyphs. There was no use of paper, these symbols were simply carved onto rock. The thought of using a needle to carve skin would have fit right in with the Taino tribe.

The Most Popular Taino Tattoos That Modern

Some of the most popular Taino tattoos that modern society likes to acquire is the sun and moon, the Coqui and the gods. The sun is actually the utmost popular symbol used with the Taino tattoo design. The sun and moon were thought to live in caves, each taking its turn to show themselves across the sky. The Coqui, on the other hand, represented several different animals, mainly amphibians and reptiles. The gods were often represented by a spiral design. Spirals have been found all over the globe and in every instance, they represent gods or eternal life. The gods were so highly revered that tattoo designs were varied in shape and design, but still had one element that showed that the tattoo paid homage to the deity that they worshipped. In the artwork, the Taino help great reverence for the spiral. The Taino tattoo can also portray other symbols such as Twins, water or lovers. Since water is an important element world-wide, the symbol on the skin is also very popular. There are other symbols that are portrayed on the Taino tattoo; but their meanings are unknown.

Tattoos are very popular, with tribal tattoos being the most sought after designs at the studio. Society may be advancing with innovative products, but artwork is taking a step back and appreciating the historical and the natural aspects of life. With tribal tattoos, we are definitely making an outstanding and raw statement about what we represent with our art.

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