Tattoo Ideas About Family

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Tattoo ideas about family

Tattoo Ideas About Family

Modern families now are able to receive tattoo as part of artwork. It is familiar to see a family with a mother and father who has a tattoo. Surely we can imagine that the children of those couples who have a tattoo will surely have a tattoo in the future. Some celebrity’s family for example admit to having a family tattoo, one of them is Justin Bieber, where even the last time Bieber and his father together made tattoo. Tattoo ideas about family can actually be obtained from the people closest to us such as their name and date of birth.

Other tattoo enthusiasts families include family soccer player David Beckham and famous couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  David Beckham has a tattoo on his body almost. Some media said that Beckham obsession and addiction is very strange because he has a tattoo which is very diverse and irregular.

The First Tattoo Was The Name Of His First Son David

If you are looking for tattoo ideas about family then you can try to emulate David Beckham’s tattoo ideas. The first tattoo was the name of his first son David at the lower back “Brooklyn” in Gothic script typeface. Love David on his family including his wife Victoria Beckham makes her feel needs to be expressed through body art or tattoo. As consequences David Beckham has to receive many critics like media call him as exhibitionist because he seems to enjoy himself showing his tattoo to public.

Actor Brad Pitt was not inferior to his wife Angelina Jolie. Both are very fond of various kinds of tattoo, including tattoo letters, numbers, images and words. Brad Pitt even had a hand graffiti or tattoo scratcher made his wife Angelina Jolie. Long before he became the wife of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie was familiar with the tattoo. Angie has a tattoo that can be used as tattoo ideas about family. Angelina also has a tattoo with quotes for a deceased mother Marceline.

This Tattoo Is a Cover Up Tattoo Of Billy Bob Her Old Husband’s Name

Angelina Jolie has a tattoo mean coordinate positions where their children were born. This tattoo is a cover up tattoo of Billy Bob her old husband’s name. On her shoulder top area, Angelina Jolie has  Buddhist Pali language tattoo in Cambodian letter. She claimed to have this tattoo for her Cambodia adopted son, Maddox, as she wishes that he can be protected from bad luck. Other tattoo ideas about family in Angelina’s body are the letter ‘H’ that placed on her arms that symbolizes the name of her brother James Haven.

Tattoo is made to express feeling and the most recognized is love. Your love to your children, parents, siblings and other human beings can be made as tattoo ideas about family.  The  variation of the tattoo ideas can be made from date of birth, name, initial, quotes that remind you of certain person in the family, the portrait, symbols, coordinates of date of birth or other important date and prayers to your family. Feel free to express your feeling and no one should protest as your body means you’re right.

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