Tattoo Ideas For Women On Hip

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Cool Tattoo Ideas For Women

Women will think their hips as their tattoo placement. This is not only because hips will look sexier with tattoo instead of the hip itself. Compare to boobs or chest area for example, boobs area will look less sexy with tattoo. This is why skinny girl love to put tattoo on their hip: they feel sexy.

There are many tattoo ideas for women on hip, which most of them should be made to create curiosity as they should be half hide, half show. Since hips and side body part is related to curves and lines, most design will reflect feminism with curls and curves. Sharp lines and edges also used for tribal design tattoo.

Popular Tattoo Ideas For Women On Hip

You can choose either girly, sharp, bold, or message tattoo for your hip. Depends on your intension and desire for making your hip tattoo you need to find design and style that fit to your character. Young cute girl for example, will tend to like butterfly, bird, heart and flowers such as roses at one side of their hips. Tattoo lovers usually will spend more time for designs as they like custom design for their hip. Symmetrical wings, birds, flowers and tribal for both sides of hips are good tattoo ideas for women on hip. The latest trend of hip tattoo is letter and number tattoo. Usually this tattoo has deeper meaning than usual tattoos on hip. Rihanna is a celebrity that brings this tattoo trend become so popular.

Color And Size Of Your Hip Tattoos

If you plan to attract attention to your hip with your tattoos, after getting tattoo ideas for women on hip, you need to consider color and size of your tattoo. Depend on your hip size, the color and size should appear ‘perfect’ for your hips. What is the point of making tattoo on hips but no one could see it?   That’s the point of tattoo on hip. There is a myth says that tattoo on hip is less painful then other part, and then you don’t buy it. Tattoo and pain are subjective to each person, as each person has different level of pain tolerance. If you cannot handle pain, then you should avoid thick line and too many details tattoo ideas for women on hip.

Great Lines And Curves

Tattoo on hips should be made to be seen. You really need to find great or experience tattoo artist to do it for you. A good tattoo artist should give you good advice on your tattoo design as he or she should consider your body lines on curves when placing tattoo on your hips. To make a great tattoo on hips you need to consider good design with great lines and curves that are not easy to make. Since under hips area usually will be painful, you may want to consider more than one appointment for your tattoo. If you have a complicated design for example, divide the execution into two phases; outline and filling sessions.

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