Tattoo Themes For Sleeves

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Tattoo Themes For Sleeves

Tattoo is a body art and very popular among many people. Tattoo has been existed for hundred years – far before the industry changes the way people life. Prehistoric people use tattoo for spiritual reasons and only the chosen one who can get tattoo on their body and each tattoo image on their body has its own meaning and philosophy. Nowadays, people get tattoo for the sake of body art – but still tribal design tattoo is the most favorite tattoo design that many people chose, especially for Tattoo Themes For Sleeves.

Sleeves are one of the best canvases for your body getting inked. Most people, usually men with big arm will chose to have tattoo sleeves; they may choose either to get full sleeve tattoo, half sleeve tattoo or quarter sleeve tattoo. A full sleeve tattoo is a tattoo or several tattoos that are drawn along your arm; from your shoulder to your wrist, while a half sleeve tattoo is started from your shoulder to your elbow or from your elbow to your wrist. A quarter sleeve tattoos begins from your shoulder to half of your upper arm. You need to decide Tattoo Themes For Sleeves because it will determine how you will place your tattoo on your arm. For example, if you want to have Dragon Tattoo Themes For Sleeves, you can choose a dragon design and also decide where you will place the dragon. If you want a single dragon tattoo, then you can choose a simple dragon design for a quarter sleeve tattoo; but if you want a single dragon with other Chinese elements like lotus flower, fire, bamboo tree or clouds, then you can choose dragon design for a half sleeve tattoo. If you want to put a story of a dragon on your arm, you can choose dragon design for full sleeve tattoos. So, this is why you need to decide the Tattoo Themes For Sleeves well.

Tattoo Themes For Sleeves Is The Size Of Your Arm

Another thing that you also need to consider in deciding Tattoo Themes For Sleeves is the size of your arm. If you have a big and muscular arm, then you almost have no problem in choosing the theme and the size of particular tattoo design for you. However, if you have a small, lean arm then you need to fit the size of a particular tattoo you are chosen with the size of your arm. Consult your tattoo artist for finding the right size and Tattoo Themes For Sleeves.

Sleeve tattoos do not only belong to men’s arm. Yes, it is true that men have bigger arm than women, but a small and thin arm of women can also get Tattoo Themes For Sleeves. Of course, it is better to choose a more feminine theme such as flower, butterfly or angel rather than tribal tattoo that usually is drawn in black and grey. Tattoo sleeve for women will be more beautiful in colors. Choose red or blue color to soften the line of your tattoo. Consult your tattoo artist to find the right tattoo design for you.

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