Tattoo With Kids Names Ideas

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Tattoo With Kids Names Ideas

Tattoo With Kids Names Ideas

Kids name as letter tattoo ideas has always been a popular tattoo for parents. The proud mom and dad always feel that they are more attached to their kids when they have tattoo with kids names ideas. Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Johnny Depp are some artist that has the name of their kids tattooed on their body.

The emotion between parents and the kids makes parents feels like they need to prove their love and affection by making tattoo with kids names ideas.  This make tattoo with kids name become a symbol of love and eternity. In reality, the relationship between husband and wife may be erased with separation or divorce but the relations between mother and children, father and children can never be changed. This is what makes tattoo with kids names ideas is a great idea for parents.

Custom Tattoo Design With Kids Name On It

Best idea to have tattoo kids names ideas is to order or design your own custom tattoo. There are many great ideas of font types on the internet. Get into or to check which fonts fits your kids name best. You can also try your own handwriting if you think it will look good as tattoo. There are many ambigram style and calligraphy that you can order specifically, but they should cost you a bit of money. Ambigram is a letter style tattoo which designs your name, or your kids name, or both of those to be looked symmetrical upside down.  Make sure you choose fonts that easy to read and look good on you.  Next phase is to choose supporting design or ornament to your tattoo with kids names ideas. Some people like simple letter tattoo but you can try other symbols, sign and picture get along with the kids name. Love or heart symbols, flowers, wings, infinity symbols and other shapes can be used for you custom tattoo design.

Placements Of Tattoo With Kids Names Ideas

Best placement for kids name is arms, biceps, wrists and shoulders. Some women like to place their kids name tattoo on their chest as they think to put it closer to their heart. Sounds romantic? Yes, it should be like that. Romantic and sentimental parents are those who will likely to have their kids name tattooed on their skin. David Beckham put his kiddos names on his back as he wishes people could read it when he opens his shirt after match. He is a truly proud father. You need to remember that once you have tattoo with one of your kids names, you need to be fair by making the other of your kids names.

Love And Commitment Tattoos

As tattoo with kids names ideas symbolized love and commitment to children, parents with tattoo need to consider the consequences such as inheriting the tattoo habits to their children. Some psychologists review on parents with tattoo that the children will likely to have tattoo in very young age. Parents need to be prepared to this consequence as they know that they should be the prime role model to their children.

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