Tattoos Of Crosses For Women

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Tattoos Of Crosses For Women

Women are likely more picky about tattoo design compare to men. First tattoo of women can be predicted easily. Most young women or married women with child will go for cross, love, wings, butterfly and words tattoo as their first tattoo.  Tattoos of crosses for women are highly popular as always. You don’t have to be religious to like cross symbols as it is also can be meaning other than Christianity.

Tattoos of crosses for women has become a popular tattoo for youngster as the modernity gives them more space to express thought, beliefs, emotions or simply playing irony with religious symbols. There are various kind of cross symbol that make cross always been a great idea for meaningful custom tattoo for women. Here are some different tattoos of crosses for women that might be useful for you.

Traditional Cross Tattoos

If you are a religious person, you might think about cross at first when thinking to make your first tattoo.  If you like serious tattoo as well you need to make appointment with your favorite tattoo artist to make custom traditional cross for you, or you can simply visit or other website to see tattoos of crosses for women.  Traditional cross tattoo should not have to be old school designed but you need to get into mainstream tattoo style.

Celtic Cross Tattoos

There are so many types of Celtic tattoo that can be great tattoos of crosses for women. Choose knot style with feminine line and colors that will look great to be placed on your back center, your arms or inner biceps. It should have taking attention to it. Celtic tattoos do not have to be related to Christianity or Jesus Christ. Celtic cross can mean directions north, east, west, south and can be also means lots of myth and symbols.

Simple Cross To Be Place Anywhere

If you like simple tattoos than simple cross as simple as those two cross lines can be a super-duper idea. We have seen many celebrities with this small tattoo on fingers, behind the neck, side neck and the most popular at the moment is simple cross tattoo on body side or rib cage area. Simple tattoos like simple cross when placed perfectly will make you look super cool.

Symmetrical Wings Tattoos With a Cross In The Middle

This is one of the most popular tattoos that keep become a hip trend for ages. If you want sexy looking tattoos of crosses for women for you, this is it. Place cross tattoo with wings on your shoulder back or hips area and you can go backless. If you plan to have small symmetrical wings with cross in the middle then you might want to place it on your ankle, wrist or neck areas. There even cooler if you put it behind your ear.

Rosary Tattoos Of Crosses For Women

This can be a very cute and feminine tattoo cross idea for women. Nicole Richie has it on her ankle to feet and since then this tattoo ideas continue become a hip tattoo. Try to place it on inner biceps area, around your hips, around your neck or on your back to make it look even gorgeous on you.

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