Taurus Tattoos for Girls

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Taurus Tattoos For Girls

For millions of years ago, our history found that we have been fascinated by the zodiac signs. The hidden meanings behind every sun sign have been applied in many aspects of our life. Zodiac presents twelve magnificent characters to represent all the sun signs. Furthermore, those cool images of every zodiac sign have been familiar to many tattoo artists around the globe. A single article will never be sufficient for discussing all the sun signs of the zodiac. This time, let us narrow our focus on the second sun sign of the zodiac which has been a popular tattoo design throughout the world, the Taurus. This sun sign depict the image of a bull and it is meant to cover the people who were born from April 20 to May 20. Despite the fact that Taurus shows the image of a strong animal like a bull, Taurus tattoo designs are not associated only to the male gender. A great number of girls and women tend to choose this tattoo design these days. This fact has forces the tattoo artists to squeeze their creativity so that they can come up with a number of special Taurus tattoo designs for girls.

There Are Many Different Taurus Tattoo Designs Available For Girls Now

Taurus would be the sun sign that represents patient, warm, reliable, determined and a persistent personality. Though the personification of this sun sign is pretty much masculine, Astrology points out that Taurus is closely related to the female gender. Therefore, some girls intentionally opt for Taurus tattoos since they also stand for jealous, resentful, self-indulgent and possessive characteristics. There are many different Taurus tattoo designs available for girls now. Many tattoo artists manage to come up with plenty of ideas to draw the Taurus tattoos in a girl’s skin. A Taurus tattoo design that features a passively reclining bull would be one of the most favorable designs. Many girls also opt for the Taurus tattoo design that has a princess image on the back. This tattoo design is a great representation of Zeus and Europa. A Taurus tattoo design for girls may have a circle with a couple of horns on top. Those horns are the perfect representation of the horns of a bull. Many girls and women turned out to have more interest in having a Taurus tattoo design that features a cartoon image of a bull that is breathing out the air.

You Can Add Some Additional Element Of A Taurus Tattoo Design

A tattoo image that show the face of a bull looking forward complete with its two horns could be a great option for Taurus tattoo designs for girls as well. This Taurus tattoo design is also used by many boys and men. You can add some additional element of a Taurus tattoo design for more attractive appearance. A Taurus tattoo design for girls may feature a ring in the nose of the bull. To make more appealing, be sure to chose the ring with the shape of a Taurus sun sign. Some other Taurus tattoo design mostly found in girls’ skin would be the one that features star images. The image of flowers and the purple color theme would be appropriate for Taurus tattoos for girls.

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