The Best Japanese Half Sleeve Tattoos for Men

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The Best Japanese Half Sleeve Tattoos for Men

The Best Japanese Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men

We all know some of the best half sleeve tattoos are Japanese and they’re really hot these days. Although all types of tattoo designs are favorite among different sections of society, but since past few years there has been growing tend among tattoo enthusiasts to up the ante and get bigger tattoos done on their body. Broadening social norms and acceptance of tattoos in general means more people are now interested in getting the best half sleeve tattoos from top tattoo artists.

The Best Japanese Half Sleeve Tattoos for Men

There are so many possibilities with sleeve tattoos, such as flowers, skulls, tribal and other such designs. However, there’s one set of designs that seems to have gone far above and beyond the popular ones, and those are Japanese half sleeve tattoo designs. Not only do guys love these designs, but even women have also started getting some of these designs for themselves too.

Why these designs are so great?

Some might be wondering about the qualities that have made these Japanese designs so popular and what’s so great about them anyway. Well, the reality is that Japanese have been practicing the tattoo art since centuries and have developed this art far more than by any other culture. However, for centuries, some of the best half sleeve tattoos were done on the Yakuza, the gang members. Since these tattoos were used to mark members of the gang, they were done as a demonstration of strength and test of courage and power for gang members.

That further led to the people wanting bigger and bigger designs and eventually in early Japanese history, thousands in the country were getting fully body tattoo designs. This lead to incredible beautiful bodies and the popularity of best half sleeve tattoos increased manifold.

As with many other things, Japanese tattoo artists finally poured their souls, heart and body in the development and refinement of this art, which finally led to the discovery of so many exciting tattoo designs. Now they have been widely adopted by western audiences due to their rich and deep symbolism and the kind of feeling they portray.

Themes for the guys

There are so many exciting designs out there that have been developed by the Japanese in the past few decades. They fall into categories and sets of designs. Some of the best half sleeve tattoos for men are listed below.


It’s the most common design used by Japanese tattoo artists. Some of the designs are of angry gods and spirits, whereas other are laughing gods. They are seen as symbols of good luck as they scare aware evil spirits.


In Japan, Samurai is a warrior class, and is seen as an ultimate warrior. It is a good example of morality that every Japanese ascribes to. Here in west it is identified with the raw strength and power.


It is one of the best half sleeve tattoos that is popular not only in Japan, but also in the other countries of the world. We all have out own set of mythological beats and dragons here in the west, but something unique, original and mysterious comes from Japanese tattoo designs!

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