Things You Should Know About Kid Inks Tattoos

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Things You Should Know About Kid Inks Tattoos

Things You Should Know About Kid Inks Tattoos

Back then, when many countries around the globe were still governed by kings and queens, tattoos were addressed only to those who committed crimes. The society wished to distinguish the criminal from the rest of the community by marking them with tattoos. These days, tattoos have become much more significant. Many people from various social backgrounds are already familiar to have tattoo designs on their skin nowadays. If you have a closer look at the rap music genre, you will find that almost all rappers are well equipped with extravagant and shiny accessories as well as various tattoo designs. Slim Shady or Eminem and fifty cents would be the most obvious examples in this matter. Lately, a new rapper has come up to the surface and become new favorite. He calls himself Kid Ink He appears with plenty of tattoo designs all over his body. He has covered various parts of his body, from head to toe, with tattoos. Kid Ink is only 25 years old now and he comes from Los Angeles. The city would be the place where he got all his skill and improved his musical talents. Today, Kid Ink is also well-known as a songwriter, a producer and a tattoo aficionado. With a number of outstanding hits like “Time Of Your Life”, “I Just Want It All”, “Keep It Rollin”, “Run This” and “Hell & Back”, he has made more than 60 million copies of selling record. Besides Kid Ink’s amazing tracks, he become very noticeable for his appearance where almost every part of his body is well covered by tattoos. No wonder when many of his fans would like to have a closer look at those tattoo designs. His tattoos would be a very distinguished signature from this famous rapper. Kid Ink surely have those tattoos all over his body for some reasons. Should you wish to find out more about Kid Ink tattoos, feel free to read the rest of this article.

Kid Ink grew up in West Los Angeles. He spent most of his childhood in this neighborhood as he was born and raised in the area between Mid-City in West Los Angeles. Ever since Kid Ink was a little boy, he has been a great fan of music. He had some interest in body art as well. Thus, Kid Ink got introduced to tattoos in the early part of his life. In such a young age, he has endured the pain of being inked. Kid Ink was also into some other extreme activity beside having many permanent body art on his skin. He has been familiar with a number of extreme sports when he was younger. Kid Ink stated that he always had a huge interest in BMX ride.

His introduction with tattoos in the early age has given him plenty of tattoo designs all over his body. When he was just a teenager, he found tattoos so interesting that he used to hang around tattoo shop in his daily routine. By the time he grew up, his passion over tattoos was even greater than ever. Not only that he spend more time hanging around the tattoo shop, Kid Ink decided to work there. He ended up with plenty of tattoos on his body.

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