Thyroid cancer ribbon tattoo

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Thyroid Cancer Ribbon Tattoo For Girl

Thyroid cancer ribbon tattoo

Tattoo cancer today is not only popular for the sake of the campaign and merchandise but for tattoo ideas. Many people like the cancer ribbon design because in addition to the unique shape also can be varied with the idea of ​​another tattoo as a custom tattoo.

Not only because of the simplicity in design, had cancer ribbon made​up of various colors where each color depicts or represents the type of cancer and different syndrome. Even some ribbon also symbolizes a particular cause. Color banding appeal often makes cancer ribbon symbol became a popular type among young people, especially women.

Cancer ribbon tattoo as well as thyroid cancer ribbon tattoo is highly popular among the cancer survivor, the family and also friends and relatives. The aim of having cancer ribbon tattoo is to show support, hope and faith for the survivor.

One of the cancer ribbons with the most attractive colors is thyroid cancer ribbon tattoo. Color ribbon for thyroid cancer ribbon tattoo consists of three colors, teal, blue and pink. The three mixes of the ribbon colors will be very suitable if combined with other tattoo images for sweet or girly impression.

Cross With Thyroid Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

One of the best combinations to thyroid cancer ribbon tattoo is picture of cross. Many women like cross to symbolize their identity and faith. To make the picture of cross tattoos match the thyroid cancer ribbon design you need to make the cross colorful as well. It does not have to be complicated but choose simple design with dark colors border such as black as liner then make the teal, blue and pink ribbon wrap along the cross symbol.

Butterfly With Thyroid Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

This is another popular design of thyroid cancer ribbon tattoo. Many women like cancer ribbon to be match with butterfly picture. Because butterfly symbolizes hope, change to a better state, metamorphosis, hope and also beauty. Choose colorful butterfly within the same colors to make a blended tattoo design. Find a good tattoo parlor that provides great quality pastel colors so that you are sure that your tattoo color will not be fade away.

Anchor And Thyroid Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

As well as cross, anchor symbolizes faith and also Christianity. You can make good variation of faith hope love together with the support to thyroid cancer ribbon tattoo. Make the ribbon wrapping or located in between the anchor to make a cool colorful cancer ribbon tattoo.   Try to make simple anchor design with black line or black and grey to be combined with the colorful cancer ribbon tattoo in teal, blue and pink color.

Ornaments And Details

Once you know which other symbol that should be likely looking great to be combining with your thyroid cancer ribbon tattoo now it is time to consider ornaments and details. You can add numbers, name or initial to the love one who has thyroid cancer. Flowers such as rose, lily, lilac, and other great colors in teal, blue and pink also great to be combine with this cancer ribbon tattoo. Consider also star and heart symbols in matching colors.

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