Tips for Creating your Own Tattoo Game

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How to Create Your Own Designer Tattoo Online

Tips For Creating Your Own Tattoo Game

Tips For Creating Your Own Tattoo Game

If you have a plan to create your own tattoo game but you still need more tips to get the best result, so you can consider trying to follow the instruction steps below that can help you to complete and even realize your plan as well and also guide you to get the best result as well as your wishes.

So, let’s check these out!

  1. First, a stack of trivia cards should be created with the questions ad answers that relating to tattoo. The name of the famous female tattoo artist that is the star of the show LA Ink (Kat Von D) or name of the color that is the most difficult to erase in tattoo (green) might be included in the questions.
  2. And the second, a table should be placed in the center of the room and the tattoo stations should be set up around the perimeter. A pencil, blank piece of paper and index should be placed at each station. The temporary tattoos should be scattered face down, so the images will not be seen. A variety of images and styles for the fake tattoos should be chosen.
  3. And then, the players have to be assigned to each station and they should be asked to write on their index card their name and the answer to two questions, for example, “What would inspire the tattoo you chose?” If you want to get a tattoo, where will you place it? after writing have been finished by the players, all the cards should be collected.
  4. After that, a time frame for the game should be assigned, such as three 10 minute rounds. The trivia questions and for every correct answer should be asked to your group, more than one tattoo on the table can be flipped by the player and keeping it and incorporating it A into their design or flip it back over and skip their turn should be decided. Surely, they will compete very much. Answering the first question will be gotten by the first person that raises their hand. They will be disqualified if they don’t answer any questions correctly and also can’t get to choose any tattoos.
  5. Returning to their station at the end of the final around should be instructed and they should be given 3 minutes for assembling their tattoo and 2 minutes for applying it to their body.
  6. Each tattoo may not be displayed to the group, each person’s index card should be read, so the group the inspiration will be told and placing it where they initially said he would should be ensured.
  7. And the last, the scrap paper should be passed out to the players and they should be asked to rank the top of three tattoos. The points should be assigned to each slot, such as first place or 10 pints, 5 points for second and 3 for third. You can be a winner if you have the most points wins.
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