Tips for Designing Your Own Star Tattoo

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Tips For Designing Your Own Star Tattoo

You have to know that a tattoo is for life, because it will not be easy to erase, even the most sophisticated removal techniques will not completely erase all traces of a tattoo from your skin, so you have to completely consider the great design that will make you happy every time and try to add the meaning of your tattoo that can represent your personality. A simple design of the star make it become one of popular tattoo, it also timeless and will be adapted later on it you wish to update your design. This can be a good choice for you if this is the first time that you want to create, because it can be done quickly.

Tips for Designing Your Own Star Tattoo

If you have a plan to design your own star tattoo but you still need more tips to get the best result, so you can consider trying to follow the instruction steps below that can help you to complete and even realize your plan as well.

So, Lets Check These Out!

  1. First, the part of your body you wish to create a tattoo should be measured. Your build and frame should be considered when the size of your star tattoo would be selected. A little, delicate star will be lost on a large, bulky arm or leg. A wide, dark star may look out of place on a fragile limb or slender neck.
  2. And the second, the stars of different sizes and in a variety of colors should be drawn on the paper. This is a versatile tattoo motif. If a very small that would be wanted by you, you can create a star on the inside of your ankle, wrist, low on your back or back of your neck. Create it on your upper thigh or buttock if you wish a tattoo very few people will see. Creating on your upper arm or on the center of your back should be considered if you wish something bigger. The different sizes of stars might be experimented, so the intricate patterns can be created if you wish a more detailed design.
  3. And then, other elements for your design might be added, such as flowers, hearts and swirls. For getting more inspiration you can visit and
  4. After that, a few of your favorite designs should be cut out and then they should be placed on different parts of your body, so an idea of what they can look like will be gotten. If nothing appeals to you, go back to the drawing board. Be patient, you may choose the star you wish to create on your body correctly as well as your very wished.
  5. The opinions from friends and family should be gathered. Getting a few different points of view to help you determine can be helped by it.
  6. And the last, a few of your ideas might be shown to a professional tattoo artist. His opinion should be listened, the advice on how to create small changes to your designs that the coolest result can be had when offered by him.
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