Tips for Making your Own Fake Tattoo

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Tips For Making Your Own Fake Tattoo

If you have a plan to create an image on your body, but you don’t need to add the permanent image that will long last in your body like a tattoo, you can consider making the fake tattoo that usually called as temporary tattoo. You will be difficult to find the exact design you are looking for if you try finding it in the stores. The cracks with the movement and stretching of the skin will be done by paint. if you use the marker for drawing a fake tattoo on your skin, bleeding from sweat or other moisture can be resulted. There is a kind of inkjet paper you can use for making your own fake tattoo. Making the tattoos comparable to fake tattoos found in the stores can be done by this paper.

Tips For Making Your Own Fake Tattoo

If you have a plan to create your own fake tattoo but you still need more tips, you can consider trying to follow the instruction steps below that can help you to complete and even realize your plan as well and also guide you to get the best result as well as your wishes.

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  1. For the very first, your tattoo design can be opened in the appropriate graphics program or the design can be found on the internet. And then, the tattoo should be flipped, so that it is backward by using photo viewing software or a graphics program.
  2. And the second step you have to do is the paper has to be loaded into your printer tray. The side that will be printed on is the glossy side of the paper. And after that, the proper loading has to be ensured, so the arrows have to be followed as the indicated on your printer.
  3. And the next step you have to keep in your mind is go to File > Print in the picture viewer or graphics program and the Print Preference should be chosen or you can choose the similar option. The print quality should be adjusted to Best and the paper type to Glossy Photo Paper. So, a high resolution print can be ensured.
  4. After that, the next important step you have to always remember is the design should be printed onto the paper. A clear adhesive film that the tattoo can be protected after printing will be included in some fake tattoo inkjet paper. And then, the backing from the film has to be peeled and it should be pressed over the tattoo print.
  5. And the last step you don’t have to forget is around the fake tattoo that should be cut as close to the edges of the design as possible. And finally. It is now ready to be applied.

When you are ready to apply it, some water might be poured into a cup and peel the plastic film from the tattoo. The tattoo should be placed onto the skin face down. A paper towel should be dampened in the water and it should be dabbed over the back of the tattoo, and then allow it to sit at least 30 seconds.

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