TLC Left Eye’s Signature Tattoos

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TLC Left Eye’s Signature Tattoos

Lisa Nicole Lopes was a third of the popular 90’s Hip Hop/R&B Group TLC. They were originally known as 2nd Nature and consisted of Lisa, Tionne (T-Boz) and Crystal Jones. The initials TLC initially represented each of the women Tionne, Lisa and Crystal. Rozonda Thomas replaced Chrystal after artistic differences. The ladies became T-Boz (Tionne), Left Eye (Lisa) and Chili (Rozonda – who received the name from Lisa).

TLC Left Eye’s Signature Tattoos

The group was high in the charts when they tragically lost Lisa Left Eye Lopes in an April 2002 Honduras car accident. Her voice lives on in videos and on their albums. Who can forget the powerful “Waterfalls”? Why is she called Lisa Left Eye Lopes? Rumors abound that Lisa got her nickname Left Eye from wearing the sunglasses with a condom instead of a left lens. Why is she called Lisa Left Eye Lopes for real? We can thank one Lamone Bivins Michael for the name. He complimented her left eye after noticing it was slightly larger than her right. The difference, in his opinion, made her more beautiful.

She celebrated the compliment by wearing her signature condom glasses and later adding the black line under her eye. The condom was also part of TLC’s theme of encouraging the practice of safe Sex. Lisa Left Eye Lopes tattoos also became synonymous with the performer. She had an eagle in flight with a knife on its back on her left arm. The eagle represents freedom. The knife represented a contrast of emotions she was experiencing at the time. The knife would later be concealed by the number 80.

Why Is She Called Lisa Left Eye Lopes For Real

Her right arm was graced with a memorial for her step-brother Parron. He died in a jet-ski accident the summer of 1997. The tattoo is his name encircling a ring of thorns. The thorn rings holds a blue heart pierced by a wooden cross. This is Lisa’s most detailed tattoo. Some fans claim the tattoo on her left ear is discernible in most pictures. This particular tattoo is representative of her nickname Left Eye. It is an arrow pointing to her left eye which is arched over an eye. It is the smallest of her four tattoos.

Lisa Left Eye Lopes tattoos also honor former boyfriend Andre Rison with whom she had a tumultuous relationship. The accidental fire at his mansion is still discussed when Lisa’s name is mentioned in certain circles. The eagle on her left arm was updated to be encompassed by the number 80. It represented Rison’s number while a wide receiver with the Atlanta Falcons.

Lisa Left Eye Lopes Tattoos Also Honor Former Boyfriend

Her left foot was decorated with her fourth tattoo and second representation of Andre Rison. It is a few music notes with a crescent moon. Andre Rison was known as Bad Moon at the time. The tattoo was just above her toes on the top of her foot. Lisa has herself become a tribute tattoo via rapper The Game. He had her image inked on the left side of his ribs. He dubbed it the De Los Muertos Lisa Left Eye Lopes tattoo.

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