Tommy Montoya Tattoo Artist

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Tommy Montoya Tattoo Artist

Tommy Montoya Tattoo Artist

Who is have not know about tommy montoya tattoo artist ? Maybe you have not heard about him ? But when you trying to search on the internet about Tommy Montoya, type keyword like tommy montoya tattoo artist, then you will get his amazing tattoo artworks. Tommy Montoya is one of awesome tattoo artist on Wooster Street Social Club tattoo shop. The tattoo shop located in New York city. This is where the professional tattoo artists gathered such as Ami James, Tim Hendricks, Megan Massacre, Luke Wessman, Eddy Ospina, Guy Waisman, Rodrigo Canteras, Lee Rodriguez, Kaname Mouri, MIkey Montoya, Tattoo Forrest, Ross Nagle, Damion Ross, and Steven Huie. Like Kat Von D, Tommy Montoya mastered skill and techniques on portraits tattoos

By the time tommy montoya tattoo artist was still sitting on the bench of school, he began to recognize the tattoo from his cousin who just got out of prison. He and his brother Mikey learned how to make a tattoo on his cousin. Until one day, Tommy dropped out of school in order to fulfill the desire to make a tattoo in the full time session. One of a great story about him , Tommy did not follow the process of making a tattoo apprenticeship at a tattoo parlor in regular time. He learned all about the tattoo by himself and through his cousin and his brother, Mikey.

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In 1998, it was the first time Tommy Montoya made ​​a tattoo. Never thought in his mind that someday he would become an tattoo artist, whereas his life purpose during still studied in the school was to be a doctor when he grown up. But destiny have other plans and best for Tommy Montoya, he is currently undergoing a pleasure tattooing professionally and be able to make money as an income for him and his family. Every day he could devote his creative ideas through tattoos artwork. Now, you have know who tommy montoya tattoo artist.

When you see his amazing tattoo artworks through his personal website, you will find how Tommy Montoya’s tattoo character. You can browse directly via Some awesome tattoo designs that have been tattooed by Tommy Montoya on the body of his tattoo enthusiasts, among others, a face women tattoos that placed on the back of the head, tattoos antique cars are on the right arm, tattoos portrait of men at the back of the left shoulder, tattoo portrait a baby, tattoos portrait of child bearing the name of the child, tattoos portrait of a little girl with her cowboy-style, tattoos soccer ball and favorite soccer club in the back of a football fan, cross tattoo reads faith, and many more.

Tommy said tattooing is a way of life, part of his everyday being. So, if you interested with Tommy Montoya’s tattoo artworks, please feel free to access his official Facebook Page via Also his official Twitter via Other story about Tommy Montoya, you can read on Wooster Street Social Club official website via If still not satisfied, you can explore the information about tommy montoya tattoo artist through Google, Yahoo, Bing or other online search engine.

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