Travis Barker Tattoos

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Travis Barker Tattoos

You may know Travis as the drummer from the punk band Blink-182. But Travis also has a side business. His side business is known as Travis Barker Tattoos. He did all of this to showcase his love for music. Aside from his wife and his mother, music is his first love and always will be. So the tattoos that he showcases on his body are a reflection of that love. He did it to prove to himself that music was the only road for him to take. According to him there was no other road. He was never meant for 9-5 job or anything like that. Music was his life and he was going to succeed in it no matter what.

Travis Barker Tattoos

Travis has gotten countless tattoos placed all over his body. Travis himself has said that he spent over $30,000 on tattoos alone. It’s an expression of love for him.

Travis Barker Tattoos Burned

Back in 2008 there was a major plane crash in South Carolina involving Travis himself. The plane crash ended in a fire and only Travis and DJ Am survived. It was a miracle that the two of them survived, according to reports. The plane crash and fire left not just emotional scars, but it also left physical scars too. Travis Barker tattoos burned, along with all of the other physical impairments.

In the year 2011 Travis announced through the media that he was just about done with getting the tattoos repaired. it was a long and painful process for him. Some of the tattoos were completely singed off. If you go on the website listed below, you can see some of the pictures of Travis getting his tattoos put back on. There is one picture of his back and you can see the scars from the burning. The scars that came from a plane crash that left four dead and only Travis and DJ AM to survive.

Travis Barker Tattoos Meaning

So what is the Travis Barker Tattoos meaning? Well many of the tattoos have symbolism for his music. They also symbolize his two other great loves, his wife and mother. He also have tattoos that reflect his love for his children. Some of the tattoos that are displayed include the word Bones. Bones is a nickname that he has since he was a kid.

Another tattoo that he had put on his body is a picture of Jesus Christ and the name. It represents the fact that he was brought up Catholic. And the name and portrait remind him of his faith and his connection with God. Another spiritual tattoo that he had placed on his head was that of the praying hands. Directly reflecting his faith and his connection to God. On the side of his neck he has two racing flags. This tattoo represents his love of cars. The number 66 that is tattooed on him might seem strange, but to him it represents the year of the Cadillac. The Cadillac being his favorite car.

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