Tribal Grim Reaper Tattoos

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Amazing Tribal Grim Reaper Tattoos

Picture of grim reaper or symbol is very popular as men tattoo ideas. Grim reaper is a personification of death in Western version. The skeletal figure carrying large scythe in black hooded cloak is the typical figure of grim reaper. Grim reaper symbolizes death, fear, as it is often recognized as angel of death. There are the many types of grim reaper picture that can be look awesome as tattoo ideas. The most popular tattoos with grim reaper theme are black and grey grim reaper and tribal grim reaper tattoos.

There should be many reasons why people like grim reaper figure as tattoos. Either to frighten people with the scary figure of grim reaper, the mythology and folklore behind the image of grim reaper actually very interesting. Before choosing grim reaper for your tribal grim reaper tattoos, let us have a look on different story about grim reaper.

As tattoo is used as expression of emotions and thoughts, people may look death differently. Some people like angelic image and some other like devil image. In Greek mythology grim reaper is recognize as Charon, a god who pick up souls with his boat to the voyage of death.  The similar image to grim reaper in English mythology is known as Ankou. Ankou is believed to come to the souls of person who is about to death. The appearance of Ankou is often described as skeleton in black hooded cloak or thin man handling a scythe.

Silhouette Tribal Grim Reaper Tattoos

Grim reaper picture will look perfect in tribal style tattoo because of the dark, sharp and strong image. The sharp line and shape of the scythe is so perfect with tribal ornaments line and curve. Before going to tattoo artist, you need to find or browse yourself ideas of different silhouette or tribal grim reaper tattoos. There are many examples of grim reaper silhouette on the internet. Try to find that will match perfectly with your taste and the placement.

Skeleton Face Of Tribal Grim Reaper Tattoos

Scary skeleton face of grim reaper is one of the most popular ideas for men tattoo. If you want more artistic   skeleton face instead of scary grim reaper face, then you should go for tribal style. There are many skeleton faces you can pick up to be customized into tribal face grim reaper.  Make sure also to consider size and combination color such as black and red. Best placement for grim reaper skeleton face tattoo is arms, shoulder and calf area.

Scary But Artsy Tattoos

Tribal grim reaper tattoos will look super cool if designed carefully. The scary image of grim reaper sticks really well that you should be prepared to carry this image with you. If you simply like the image instead of the darkness philosophy in it, you might want to consider more artistic grim reaper tattoo design. Placement is also as important as the design itself. Some people like to put it on chest area as the grim reaper take the soul human before their death.

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