Tribal Rib Tattoos Ideas – For Men and Women!

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Tribal Rib Tattoos Ideas – For Men And Women!

Getting a tribal rib tattoo is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Tribal rib tattoos are mostly done on rib care which is one of the most painful tattoo locations on a person’s body. If you’ve athletic and toned body and are considering few tribal rib tattoos, then just be sure of your pain tolerance levels. Mostly these tattoos are large and therefore need lot of time to get completed. If you’re deciding on a tribal rib cage tattoo, then it’s very important to understand what works for men and women.

Tribal Rib Tattoos Ideas – What Works for Men and Women!

Women like to get tribal rig tattoos that start from their hip portion and continue till their breast area. This works for them because tattoo artist gets a huge canvas area to work with. A well toned body is the main requirement for getting this type of tattoo. This is also important if you want your tattoo to look elegant and stand out.

Tribal rib tattoos are specially designed and carved to highlight the natural features and curves of the female body. The most popular ideas for these tattoos are: sayings or quotes in stylish fonts, dragons, tribal artwork, flowers or all kind, soft colored pink leaves, butterfly, vines, angles, cherry blossoms, moons, stars and swallows. Sometimes two or more designs are seamlessly blended to get perfect results. Many women get tribal art and fonts tattooed on their entire cages.

Some people opt for a single name or a word, or tribal signs when they go for tribal rib tattoos. Famed tattoo artists can even give a ”tribal tone” to simple name and words such as love, peace and even a name of some special person in one’s life. Many Hollywood stars, such as Mega Fox have had a tribal rib tattoo done. She had chosen a design that had a special meaning in her own life. This is great idea for all those who want something truly significant and personal as their tattoo.

Tribal Rib Tattoos Are Specially Designed

Mostly, men choose tribal rib tattoos that are bit hardcore and masculine in nature. Some of the most popular ideas are birds, snakes, koi fish and dragons. Some men also go for words and tribal scripts. They are mostly done in specially chosen Old English fonts or even handwritten fonts. You can get good results if you choose font with a beautifully crafted design and lots of strong lines.

It’s important to do some research on all aspect of getting this tattoo. You should not discount the pain factor as well. These days, latest machines have reduced the pain factor, but ultimately it all depends on the chosen design and area to be covered by the tattoo. Small tribal rib tattoos can be done fast within hours. Whatever design you ultimately chose, get it done by a professional tattoo artist. These tattoos come out astounding as they highlight the natural curves of the body. Lot of information on tribal rib tattoo designs is available online. So choose the best option and get your tribal tattoo today!

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