Video Game Tattoo Ideas

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Pretty Tattoo With Video Game Tattoo Ideas

Video Game tattoo ideas

Here we are going to talk about geek tattoo. Geek should not care of their appearance but they do have great passions in something and usually it should be related to science fictions, weird music and video game. Hipster generation does not like anything mainstream so they like to put anything as their tattoo ideas, which most are anything they like.

 Custom Video Game Tattoo Ideas

Video game can be a great source for video game tattoo ideas. You can starts with your favorite game or character or you want to use symbols, signs and codes in-game as your video game tattoo ideas. The fun part about symbolic, secret code of video game into tattoo is that no one will understand the meaning of your tattoo other than other geek or video game lovers. This will make your tattoo unique and really sign your identity. If that what you tend to do with your tattoo than you should go for custom video game tattoo ideas.

Ironic And Funny Simple Tattoo

Hipster generation likes small, colorful, ironic and funny simple tattoo. These hipsters will choose small symbol, icon or figure of their favorite video game. The idea can be really out of box such as Sony PS button or controller, or small SONY joystick on wrist or feet areas. Character like Zelda, Sonic, Super Mario Bros, Pokémon, Okami and star wars usually become the choice of video game tattoo ideas of hipster generation.

Eclectic Colorful Hairstyle And Accessories Video Game Tattoo Ideas

Gothic or scene generation usually like old school bold colorful fantasy characters as you can see in Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, God of War, Hero vs Villain, anything good to be combined with their scene and gothic costume. The colorful image and symbols also likely become their choice of video game tattoo ideas, which it will match really well with their eclectic colorful hairstyle and accessories.

Here are some tips for those who want to have cool video game tattoo on their body:

  • Right placement. If you want to send message through your tattoo then it should be visible for others. Neck, back, legs, feet, arms and wrists area are likely good place for statement tattoo. If you just want to have the tattoo for personal fun, then you can put your tattoo everywhere please you.
  •  Recognized tattoo. If you want to express your identity, then you need to choose recognized video game tattoo ideas like Mario Bros, Star Wars, Pokémon, Metal Gear Solid, Legend of Zelda, and anything common and make sure you make a good one.
  • Combine the video game character or symbols with other tattoo styles. Some video games symbols and character can be great to be combining with tribal or Japanese letter for example. The symbols in games Metal Gear Solid for example is really great combined with tribal design. Tekken Characters and signs also will go very well with Tribal, and Japanese letters with special meanings. If you like portrait tattoos then you need to make serious tattoo and spend more on specialized tattoo artist to draw your favorite characters on your body.
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