Von Tattoos

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Von Tattoos

When it comes to famous people tattoos, the celebrity that is most well-known for her body art is Kat Von D. Von tattoos are abundant and intricate, and if you’re interested in getting inked, von D has lots of tattoos that you can be inspired by. Here is some information about Kat Von D tattoos that may help you to decide on your next tattoo.

Hand Tattoos

While there are many famous people tattoos that are small enough to fit on the hand, Kat Von D is perhaps most popular for you digit body art. Von tattoos include finger tattoos that display the letter LTP, which stands for “loyal to profession.” Kat Von D also has an LvB tattoo on her hand that stands for Ludwig von Beethoven. Smaller symbols like a heart, lightning bolt and star are also featured on Von D’s hand, which could serve as signs of love, an eccentric personality and a dreamy nature.

Back and Neck Tattoos

If you want to get a tattoo on a larger part of your body like you back or neck, Kat Von D tattoos like the portrait of her mother may give you inspiration. If you want to pay homage to a loved one who has made a significant difference in your life, but don’t want the tattoo to show all the time, the upper back or shoulder is one of the best places to get the body art. Von D also has a tattoo that says “mi vida loca,” which means “my crazy life” across her back. Another one of Von D’s inspirations, Carmen Miranda, is inked on the back of Von D’s neck.

Stomach Tattoos

Some people choose to get tattoos on their stomach or in their midsection as motivation to keep this part of their body fit and flat. Kat Von D has a tattoo of the word “Hollywood” written across her stomach in ink that looks like lipstick. She also has a small tattoo on her stomach that reads “Brooklyn,” among other images.

Arm Tattoos

On her arm, Kat Von D has a replica of a 1940s painting of a beautiful woman inked on her arm. Von D also has a picture of her sister as an arm tattoo. Her sister returned the gesture, and has a tattoo of Von D’s likeness inked on her arm. This once again proves how tattoos can be a symbol of devotion and love, dedicated to a close friend or family member.

Face Tattoos

Facial tattoos can be very hard to conceal, so it’s best not to get them unless they are temporary, or you work in an industry where facial tattoos are acceptable. Kat Von D has a collection of stars on the side of her face, and three small dots underneath her eye. The star tattoos can be somewhat covered up by Von D’s hair, but a tattoo like this is definitely reserved for people with a more daring sense of style.

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