What is The Best Tattoo Parlors in Kansas City?

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Each state has different tattoo parlor requirements. But, the ideal tattoo parlor must have health standards and licensing of artists. This is a preventive way of the spread of disease, because using the same tattoo materials and instruments repeatedly. In Kansas City, there are many tattoo parlors to choose from. Let’s check this out!

What is The Best Tattoo Parlors In Kansas City? 1. John Monk’s Revelation Tattoo

John Monk Revelation Tattoo can handle all of your piercing and tattoo need with a high energy, first class, and traditional tattoo studio. You can get any piercing with a service of their super friendly staff. John Monks Revelation Tattoo also offers a wide range of tattoo designs, from Traditional Americana to the Sophisticated Japanese, Full Color, Tribal, or Black & Gray. John Monk Revelation Tattoo also gives advices to care your tattoo in the after-care instructions.

John Monk’s Revelation Tattoo Shop
Kansas City
7208 N Oak Trafficway
Telephone: (816) 420-0987
Website: revelationtattookc.com

What is The Best Tattoo Parlors In Kansas City?

2. Freaks On Broadway

Freaks On Broadway is a home to some of the Midwest’s most talented tattoo artists and piercers. There are several tattoo artists at the Freaks On Broadway include Shea, Moya, Justin Sims, Ryan, Kasper, and Zeke. They will serve the highest quality tattoo for their clients. Each tattoo artist has different skills and specializes. So, it is better for you to know their specialty to get the tattoo you want.

Freaks On Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111
4039 Broadway rd
Telephone: (816) 531-5825
Website: freaksonbroadway.com

What Is The Best Tattoo Parlors In Kansas City? 3. Mercy Seat Tattoo

In the heart of Kansas City’s historic downtown, the Mercy Seat is located at the corner of Grand Blvd. and 16th Street. There are some of the most talented tattoo artists at the Mercy Seat, such as Mikey Wheeler, Scott Shickman, Chris Orr, Wesley Brockman, Chet Duvenci, Dana Howard, and Jason Pollard. These tattoo artists specialize in original, high quality work. Each individual customer can create the specific design of custom tattoos. The Mercy Seat also offers a truly unique atmosphere in their studio with outside lettering reminiscent of the vaudeville posters, pressed-tin ceilings, and vintage light fixtures.

The Mercy Seat
Kansas City, MO 64108
210 E 16th St
Telephone: (816) 421-4833
Website: mercyseattatoo.com

What Is The Best Tattoo Parlors In Kansas City? 4. A-1 Tattoos

A-1 Tattoo is one of the oldest shops in all of Kansas City. A-1 was established in 1993, and it was the first ship in North Kansas City. A-1 is owned by a husband and wife. It offers male and female body piercers, and also male and female tattoo artists. In Kansas City, A-1 is the friendliest, cleanest tattoo parlor. Come and see their shop, if you are looking for a relaxed, comfortable tattoo experience. They are open seven days a week.

A-1 Tattoo
Gladstone, MO 64118
6805 N. Oak
Telephone: (816) 436-0622
Website: a1tattooshop.com

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