Wing Tattoos

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Glamorous Angel Wings Tattoos Design

Wing tattoos are a very popular style in the fashion world today. These types of tattoos can be one in different forms and have a variety of mean as well. These types of tattoos are known to have a spiritual symbolism behind them. Wing tattoos are normally associated with birds, angels, fairies, and butterflies. These tattoos can mean speed, freedom, breaking away, elevation, and even aspiration.

Wing Tattoos

When an individual is looking for wing tattoos pictures they are going to see a variety of tattoos on individuals. Wing tattoos pictures can show an individual where others are getting their wings at. Most individuals are known to get wings tattooed on their entire back, it represents that they have wings and are free. These types of tattoos can also represent angels, such as a loved one who has passed away. These types of tattoos allow an individual to say how they feel without actually saying it.

The Meanings Of These Tattoos

There are a variety of tattoos of wings that one can receive. Wings can be on the entire back, on the shoulder blades, on the chest, and even on the hips or legs. These types of tattoos are very popular, so when getting a tattoo of wings, one should make sure that their design is unique. These types of tattoos can be large or small; the design is completely up to them. A lot of individuals get these types of tattoos in black, so one can make their tattoo unique by adding color. Some individuals get a cross in the middle of the wings, while others get anchors. People even take two wings and create them into a heart, and then get that tattooed on them, which is a more of a unique look. These types of tattoos have different meanings, it all just depends on what meaning an individual is going for to decide what design they should go with. A fan favorite is to get two wings with the word believe in the middle of them, this shows that they believe in strength, freedom, and are going somewhere in life or it can mean that they believe in angels. The meanings of these tattoos can be tricky, everyone has their own personal meaning, tattoos may be similar in design but that does not mean they are similar in meaning.

Wing Lower Back Tattoos

Individuals do not always get wing tattoos on their whole upper back; they sometime get wing lower back tattoos as well. Wing lower back tattoos have the same meaning as all of the other tattoos, individuals just decided to put the tattoo elsewhere. On that part of the body the tattoo can go on each side of the lower back, which allows enough room for an individual to add something in the middle of the wings, such as; a crown, halo, cross, the word “angel”, heart, piercing, and even a butterfly. Lower tattoos on the body tend to stand out and are noticeable, plus they look good when wearing a bathing suit or swimming trunks.

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