Words Tattoos Pictures: Intimate Expressions

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Words Tattoos Pictures: Intimate Expressions

Words Tattoos Pictures: Intimate Expressions

My daughter has congenital heart disease. There are only two rules for children with congenital heart disease, no hot tubs, and no word tattoos pictures. One would not think these are terrible, constraining rules to live by. My daughter’s first word tattoos pictures were at the age of 16, and without my knowledge or consent. It was a drawing of a rescue dog on her wrist. The tattoo was a black and white picture with black cursive words on the bottom that spelled “rescue.” The cardiologist was not pleased with the art work on her body, but life went on. “At least it’s not a skull and cross-bones across her back,” she laughed.

Words Tattoos Pictures: Intimate Expressions

Well the age of 18 would be the age of the skull and cross-bones across her back. The age of word cross tattoos that were totally not allowed, had begun. The words tattooed across my daughter’s back varied. What began as simply the name of her current boyfriend, grew into a mad crossword puzzle of ex-boyfriends names made into catch phrases or poems. The name ‘Leon’ morphed into ‘my heart is a Lion’. ‘Ryan’ became ‘Rescue is my Life’. One never knew what would appear on her body from day-to-day. Making names into different words requires a tattoo artist of great skill. One of these skilled artists, began making tattoo crosses within the names to disguise different letters. Word cross tattoos covered the back of my heart diseased, atheist daughter.

I am proud to say, my daughter is now a healthy, grown up, woman of 31. We have left the years of tattoo arguing behind us. Which is why I was surprised to discover small, word foot tattoos sticking out of a blanket on a recent surprise visit to my daughter’s New York City apartment. Indeed, one of the word foot tattoos said “mother” and on the other foot “all you need is love” was proclaimed. You know there comes a time in every mother’s life when she has to let her daughter be whoever her daughter wants to be. My daughter wanted tattoos, from her head to her toes. I just wanted a safe, healthy daughter.

The problem with word cross tattoos, foot word tattoos, and various words spelled across my daughter’s back was strictly a health concern for me. My daughter however, deemed her body art was good fashion, and anything I chose to wear, was not. It seems the rules for our mother/daughter relationship were as follows:

1. Never speak about your daughter’s foot, body, and word tattoos.

2. Your daughter may criticize and offer up opinions on anything you, the mother, choose to wear.

These rules remain constant for the rest of the mother’s natural life. My daughter has dressed me for as long as I can remember. Apparently, I have no fashion sense at all and wouldn’t know a great word, foot tattoo if it hit me in the face! To this day my daughter remains the queen of all tattoo art.

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