Worst Tattoo Ideas Ever

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Worst Tattoo Ideas

Worst Tattoo Ideas Ever

Worst Tattoo Ideas

A tattoo can be an awesome way to express yourself, and in today’s world body art has become much more socially acceptable. More and more people are choosing to get inked, whether they want to show off their edge, commemorate a loved one or send a specific message. Before you go running off to the local tattoo parlor however, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First of all, a tattoo is permanent. Sure it is possible to have them removed but the procedure is quite painful and costly. Secondly, the body art you choose to display will make an impression on people, be it at a job interview or a first date. Therefore it is important to put some thought into what tattoo you want to get. Unfortunately, sometimes people make rash decisions resulting in some very bad tattoo ideas.

The Best Place To Get a Tattoo Is Somewhere On Your Body

First off, you should consider where on your body you want to get inked. Even if career advancement isn’t a priority to you right now it probably will be at some point, so you may want to refrain from getting a tattoo on highly visible areas of your body such as your face. Some of the worst tattoo ideas involve the face and even having your makeup tattooed on is not such a great idea considering how trends in makeup change over time. Could you imagine being permanently stuck with blue eyeshadow circa 1985? I didn’t think so. The best place to get a tattoo is somewhere on your body that is easily covered, but visible when you want it to be such as your shoulder or back. Many women go for the lower back, although the idea of a “tramp stamp” has become pretty cliché.

One of the worst tattoo ideas for anyone involves inking someone elses name or likeness onto their body. You may want to get your boyfriend’s name tattooed onto your ankle because you are just “so in love!”. Six months later he’s gone and you can’t look down at your ankle without crying. Another example of bad tattoo ideas involves celebrities. People have gotten body art featuring everyone from Oprah to Justin Bieber. Do you really want to explain to your grandchildren why Lil Wayne is inked all over your back?

 The Others Tattoo And Neither Of Them Get To Look Until After It Is Finished

 Speaking of celebrities, they are not immune from bad decisions themselves. Some of the worst celebrity tattoos involve some of the warnings stated earlier. Take Johnny Depp, for example. During his relationship with Winona Ryder he had her tattoed on his arm. After the break-up he had to have it changed, and now he is stuck with “wino forever” on his arm. And who can forget the flowers tattooed across Cher’s butt? Many of them, such as Hayden Panettiere are victims of spelling errors. And probably one of the best examples of the worst celebrity tattoos involves Ryan Cabrera’s leg, which is inked with the image of Ryan Gosling after a game with friends he calls “tattoo roulette” in which each friend picks the others tattoo and neither of them get to look until after it is finished.

 Tattoos can be beautiful, provocative and sexy; and they are a great way to express your creativity. Just make sure that you put enough thought into where and what you will get inked. This will save you a great deal of regret later in life. And for heaven’s sake, don’t play tattoo roulette!

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